Enterprise Security Trends with Absolute’s Richard Henderson (Podcast)

AbsolutePreston and I discussed security trends with Absolute‘s Global Security Strategist, Richard Henderson (@richsentme) on St. Patrick’s Day eve. Unfortunately, the whole thing took place via Skype rather than at Doolin’s. Hey, some people work for a living and can’t always get to the fun right away or even on the day after. 

Some of the topics covered by our broad swipe at enterprise security trends were two-factor authentication, advanced persistent threats, SSO, and insider threats. We also touched on Absolute’s strategy for protecting you, your applications, and your entire enterprise from security threats.

Richard is one of the best guests we’ve ever had on the show and we hope that he’ll return to discuss Absolute’s products in more depth and to discuss other timely security topics.

Podcast details:

Length: 23:46 minutes. Format: MP3. Rating: G for all audiences.

Remember, our podcasts are licensed CC BY.

2 thoughts on “Enterprise Security Trends with Absolute’s Richard Henderson (Podcast)

  1. Loved it. I would like to come and talk about advanced social engineering. I have discovered that there is a major trend between cyber attacks. They all begin with intelligence first gathered from a human deception error, Phishing etc, employee deception, fake Gmail, but on a very high level I think there needs to be a distinction between IT Security and Cybersecurity and how I have managed to catch major networks of criminal Nigerian scams including their entire work team, suppliers and ‘the bees nest’.

    I’ve (in better words) scammed scammers and stalked stalkers and it is not technology. It is mind hacking. I think many need to know this. What do you guys think of social engineering?

    Simon Smith http://www.linkedin.com/in/simonsmithinvestigator


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