Making GDPR Work for You with Lacy Gruen of RES (Podcast)

RESIt isn’t often that Preston and I have the opportunity to discuss a positive aspect of government regulation. Fortunately, neither of us is a paranoid who believes the government is out to get us so we can approach these topics with open minds. GDPR is one such topic. GDPR has to do with privacy and keeping private data private. It places control of one’s data back into the owner’s hands, where it should be. Right now, this GDPR edict only affects the European Union, but Preston and I agree that this is one regulation that we can live with. Additionally, we believe that GDPR is, or should be, a requirement of doing business online, regardless of your location.

Lacy Gruen of RESLacy Gruen, a Director at RES, gives us an overview of the positive aspects of GDPR and what it can do for your business. Admittedly, I was a little skeptical at first but Lacy put my mind at ease about what GDPR brings to the table. I think you’ll find her perspective fresh and enlightening. Government regulations don’t always have to be a financial burden or a pain. This one is actually good for you and your customers. A rarity to be sure.

Podcast details:

Length: 17:52 minutes. Format: MP3. Rating: G for all audiences and ages.

Lacy’s article that we mentioned in the podcast: “Turn GDPR Compliance into Lemonade“.

True Digital SecurityThis podcast is sponsored by True Digital Security.

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