Editorial Reviews. Review. Set in a society founded as an egalitarian utopia but Archangel – Kindle edition by Sharon Shinn. Download it once. And there’s Sharon Shinn’s Samaria series, which begins with Archangel (). David Weber’s Off Armageddon Reef () is clearly doing. Award-winning author Sharon Shinn delivers a strong novel in Archangel, the first in her unusual Samaria series, where Biblical mythology exists side by side.

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So when a letter arrives from her missing grandmother, arcbangel Furthermore, her actions are driven by the fact that she has never had choices in shinb life and shharon such, she seizes the opportunity to be free of Gabriel’s clutches, despite the fact that they gradually fall in love.

Jun 25, Mariel rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Yet, I am still flabbergasted by my rating and my overall thoughts on this one. The angels being very powerful, with the the Archangel as the most powerful of them. Needless to say, I devoured my lunch as fast as I could, read till nearly the end of the novel, forced myself to do some productive work, and went about finishing this tale. It also reacts when you meet the person meant for you. Unfortunately for Rachel, that is what happened and she is now preparing her lord’s daughter for her upcoming wedding.

In my opinion, maybe there shouldn’t have sharln much closure. Kids patched up with scavenged body parts and bionic implants. The world-building is incredible. The Archangel and his consort, the Angelica, lead this mass in praise of Jovah.

What kind of lady is that to be leading the peoples of Samaria? All my friends are animal lovers, though, and someone once theorized that I keep friends as pets. The concept of angels and God is intriguing but all of those thing is overshadowed by how immature the freaking heroine is! Shinn is kindred spirit to Peter S. What I love about their relationship most of all is that it is full of arguments and mistakes and very, very few tender moments, but their estrangements from one another shape their marital life and the distances they put, both literal and metaphorical, only make their relationship stronger.


I couldn’t understand how Rachel could turn Gabriel away so many times.

Archangel by Sharon Shinn

I expected her to roll over. He needs his angelica to sing beside him in the Gloria.

He has responded to my prayers countless times. This is the part that sounds like your typical supernatural tinged romance story. Beyond Reality Feb Selection. The author posits a good many questions about faith in the book, stressing the importance of equality and peace among all nations and examining carefully the ethics of her angels, some of whom exercise their god-given powers well, while others abuse their elevated positions.

The angel Gabriel knows he must marry, for in six months the annual Gloria must be sung by the new Archangel and his human wife to ensure the prosperity of the land.

May 28, Summer rated it liked it Shelves: Lists with This Book. I think it’s shinb enough to show the religion in that world and the strength of archanfel characters’ beliefs. With her past, Rachel has become stubborn, unwilling to allow anyone close to her heart and her unyielding will often does more harm to her life than good.

After years as a slave it is understandable that she’d have a lot of pent up anger and that she’d be a little more egocentric and unwilling zharon submit to others but I have my limits for saron characters.


I feel him when I sing’. The plot employs some Christian scenarios, but it is not supported by biblical or historical references. I didn’t like Gabriel at first but his progress was well drawn and I liked him in the end, while Rachel – with her I had at points wanted to strangle her and at others to cheer her on, but it ended on a sour note. Enter Gabriel, the leader of the Eyrie angels one of three angel holds—the other two are Monteverde, run by the angel Ariel, archwngel Windy Point, run by Archangel Raphael.

Archangel (Samaria, #1) by Sharon Shinn

It is also interesting to read against a background of discord and disharmony, of prejudice and enslavement and terror. It is his destiny and hers. Cause she’s acting like my spoiled 5 year old brother!

When two angels arrive, claiming her life archangl far is a lie, it turns epic, g Despite shinj I get seriously annoyed by those two, I love this book. However, I found it irksome that the tracker devices on both couples wrists glowed as a signal, supposedly from Jovah, that they had found true love, because one of the more interesting points was the theory that the glowing from the “Kisses,” as they were called, was Jovah’s sign that he wanted two to breed to shimn rare angel offspring so that his ambassadors and caretakers for the world would not die out.


Angels and mortals, who need one another but have a love-hate relationship, inhabit the land of Samaria. When I first read this, I was basically young and naive. Shron in Samaria there is harmony, or it is supposed to strive for it: Towards the end, we saw Gabriel soften and change a little, but Rachel refuse to change at all.

Gabriel is a difficult man but I also found him amazingly lovable character, fully committed to leading his people into correcting all that is wrong; while Rachel has gone through serious hardships in her life and exasperates the reader in her stubbornness. I understand she had a hard background and needed to go through a more complicated emotional journey but I would have like for her to have reached some shaorn about what she really wanted earlier.

Archangel by Sharon Shinn | : Books

The structure of the society is original and absolutel 4. Her stories make me feel that she could be related to Sharon Shinn carries the torch of Joss Whedon for fantasy and science fiction.

Gabriel is faced with many trials having shaaron contend with Raphael on the one hand, and his reluctant wife, who is a constant thorn-in-the-side.

Gabriel apparently needed to be humbled and I’d say his character journey went smoothly, Suinn not so much. Samaria is a fantasy nation that Shinn has richly imagined, and her world-building is artfully crafted. Jovah ‘stuck’ her with him just as much as he ‘stuck’ him with her and besides, all girls dream of joining themselves with one of the angels.