PI Trade Names and Active Ingredients containing Arixtra. 1 Documents available. Need more information on a product? Search the Australian Register of. Mylan manufactures ARIXTRA®* (fondaparinux sodium) Injection, Solution ( Arixtra) in strengths of 25 mg05 mL 5 mgmL5 mg04 mL mgmL75 mg06 mL injection of Arixtra mg in young healthy subjects are provided in Table 1 below: . Arixtra mg once daily following hip fracture surgery, patients were.

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Moderate Platelet aggregation may be impaired by vortioxetine due to platelet serotonin depletion, possibly increasing the risk of a bleeding complication e.

The authors concluded that fish oil supplementation in doses of 3 to 6 grams per day does not have a statistically significant effect on the INR of patients receiving chronic warfarin therapy. The mechanism for bleeding with ibrutinib therapy is not well understood. Moderate The safety of cilostazol has not been established with concomitant administration of anticoagulants. Co-administration of vortioxetine and warfarin has not been shown to significantly affect the pharmacokinetics of either agent.

Data are not available for patients with severe hepatic impairment. Major The actions of factor X are likely to be counteracted by direct and indirect factor Xa inhibitors such as apixaban, edoxaban, rivaroxaban, and fondaparinux.

Sodium Hyaluronate, Hyaluronic Acid: Moderate The concomitant use of ibrutinib and anticoagulant agents such as fondaparinux may increase the risk of bleeding; monitor patients for signs of bleeding. It would be prudent for clinicians to monitor the INR and clinical status of the patient closely if vilazodone is added to or removed from the regimen of a patient stabilized on warfarin. Consider discontinuation of anticoagulants in a patient taking inotersen with a platelet count of less than 50, per microliter.

Metabolism of fondaparinux appears to be negligible as the majority of the unbound drug is excreted unchanged in the urine. There is an additive risk of beeding. Major Guarana has been shown to possess minor antiplatelet activity and, therefore, concurrent use of guarana and anticoagulants or platelet inhibitors should be avoided. Occurrences of major bleeding in patients fondaparinux for treatment of DVT and PE with normal renal function, mild renal impairment, moderate renal impairment, and severe renal impairment have been found to be 0.


An antidote to reverse bleeding effects of fondaparinux is not available; however, one is under investigation. Because vorapaxar inhibits platelet aggregation, a potential additive arrixtra for bleeding exists if vorapaxar is given in combination with other agents that affect hemostasis such as anticoagulants.

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Consider the developmental and health benefits of breast-feeding along with the mother’s clinical need for fondaparinux and any potential adverse effects on the breast-fed infant from fondaparinux or the mother’s underlying condition. Major Discontinue pentosan before starting fondaparinux due to the increased bleeding risk, unless these agents are essential.

In the DVT and PE treatment clinical trials, the risk of fondaparinux-associated major bleeding increased with age: Additionally, omega-3 fatty acids contained in cod liver oil may inhibit platelet aggregation. Patients were followed on a twice-weekly basis for INR determinations and adverse reactions. Moderate Telavancin has no effect on coagulation or platelet aggregation; however, caution is advised when administering telavancin concurrently with anticoagulants as telavancin may interfere with laboratory tests used in monitoring these medications.

Major Treatment with drotrecogin alfa should be carefully considered in patients who are receiving or have received any anticoagulants.

Arixtra (fondaparinux sodium) dose, indications, adverse effects, interactions from

Moderate Androgens can enhance the effects of anticoagulants. However, because fish oil, omega-3 fatty acids inhibit platelet aggregation, caution is advised when fish oils are used concurrently with anticoagulants, platelet inhibitors, or thrombolytic agents.


Major Platelet aggregation may be impaired by duloxetine due to platelet serotonin depletion, possibly increasing the risk of a bleeding complication e.

Moderate Concomitant use of prasugrel and other agents that may affect hemostasis, such as anticoagulants, may be associated with an increased risk of bleeding. Clinical trials are needed to determine if fondaparinux is a safe alternative to heparin in patients at risk for HIT.

Additionally, increased monitoring of the INR, especially during initiation and upon discontinuation of the antibiotic, may be necessary in patients receiving warfarin. Moderate Concomitant use of vorinostat with anticoagulants may result in an additive risk of bleeding due to vorinostat-induced thrombocytopenia; monitor patients closely. Sulfinpyrazone is a platelet inhibitor and exhibits antithrombotic actions in addition to its uricosuric effects.

Major Due to the thrombocytopenic effects of imatinib an additive risk of bleeding may be seen in patients receiving concomitant anticoagulants.

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Moderate Due to the thrombocytopenic effects of nelarabine, an additive risk of bleeding may be seen in patients receiving concomitant anticoagulants. Patients should be instructed to monitor for signs and arixrta of bleeding while taking venlafaxine concurrently with an anticoagulant medication and to promptly report any bleeding events to aruxtra practitioner.

The patient denied noncompliance and other changes in diet, medications, or health. Other clinical data exist that describe spontaneous subdural hematomas associated with chronic ginkgo biloba ingestion.

Patients on anticoagulants adixtra be monitored for changes in response to anticoagulation therapy if cilostazol is administered concurrently.

Theoretically, fondaparinux should not cause HIT because it does not bind to platelet factor 4.