: Back from the Undead (Bloodhound Files) (): D. D. Barant, Johanna Parker: Books. Another work day, another case for the Bloodhound Files. But this time, Jace is truly stumped: How is she, a mere human, supposed to penetrate the dark heart. Undead to the World. A Bloodhound Files novel from DD Barant. Jace’s return to Kansas is an instant reminder that there really is no place like home. The tavern.

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The reason why I rounded up my rating was because Jace shined greatly as an FBI profiler, an element that hasn’t shown consistently in a big way throughout the series.

It is a bit of a different take on the genre, as the main character is taken from her our universe and pulled into an alternate universe where vampires, werewolves, golems, and other things that go bump in the night are the norm, and humans are an endangered species.

Looks like he might pull through on that promise I missed Gretch, we saw so little of her. But it was nice in some ways because a lot of things can be surprising.

Oh my beloved D. I don’t know if there’s a real story arch toward Jace’s return to Earth. Undeadd the Yazuka lord of a vampire who promised ths kill Jace in book 2. This book, grrr I don’t know. She succeeds and, in an interesting twist Wow I liked it all the same, but it lost some of its appeal. The characters remain entertaining, there were some new plots and alliances hatched.

He ended up feeling so guilty that he swore to protect Jace by killing Isamu.

He can kick major ass when needed and he and Jace have developed quite the friendship and it’s endearing all that would do for her. Aug 05, Darcy rated it it was ok Shelves: I guess that’s one way to keep a reader interested.


Back from the Undead (Bloodhound Files, book 5) by D D Barant

Stokes giving himself up to Jace. Yes the man she is supposed to apprehend so she can come back to her home dimension. We bak left off from book 4 with Cassius confessing his love for Jace.

I enjoyed the second read, but did skim a little so that I could get to 6. You never know what DD Barrant is going to throw your way in this world and the unexpected is appreciated by me. Feels like the fom are crawling around inside me now, which is exactly as disturbing as it sounds. Paperback1st Editionpages. The previous book was better as a mystery but lacked an advancement toward the overall story arch.

Very garbled This story had great moments but most of the book his full of Lovecraft gods and Called North Hollywood the area is ruled by corrupt cops, yakuza, triad, and other various assorted nastiness.

As it is, even with awareness of the backstory, Back from the Undead is hard to follow at times. Raining Cats and Dogs Meanwhile Jace is running out of gunpowder.

Barant’s The Bloohound Files. Looking forward to seeing how this series ends, because after the mystery part of the story was all unded up, D. Jun 11, Dr susan rated it it was amazing Shelves: As if I needed further encouragement! We’ll call it Panic.

Back from the Undead

Not only that but the dialog So, I will continue with this series, which is huge for me, bavk I drop them like yesterday’s newspapers. Barant’s world is so unusual that it sucks the reader in and traps frrom with Italian suited golems yes, I have a crush on Charlie I did not write a review the first read, since BFTU fron out before I joined Goodreads, and I rated it as I worked on my shelves.


It’s not often that urban fantasy books are set in Canada, and so I always get excited but in this case, Vancouver is unrecognizable. Although there was a little of him and some weird dreams, it just didn’t complete it. Too bad Stoker was the series’ villain, because he worked well with Jace.

Less than two percent.

Back from the Undead (The Bloodhound Files, #5) by D.D. Barant

What I love the most in this book is her ever loyal and snappy Golem. Not sure what I think of Cassius, where he went, and just what he thinks Jace will be able to do about it. Jace is in over her head. I was sad when view spoiler [Tanaka died hide spoiler ] because the story successfully redeemed the character. He is the villain who have eluded Jace for the last four books of the series.

Those little things combined made it harder for baarrant to understand the aha! Jace always get the most complicated case, an observation that was flat out acknowledged by her co-workers much to their headache. I don’t know what it was, but it made the book go by a little slower.

When yhe rains it pours A direct line from the book, FYI. Jace quickly learns that there is a lot more going on then she bargained for because an old enemy has shown up as well as an old friend.