Juni bei der CSU auf Kritik. Die SPD nennt die CSU “Alpen-Ayatollahs”. Die CSU plant, den Koalitionsausschuss anzurufen. Die Partei hat . Bayernplan Welche Versprechen die CSU gehalten hat – und welche nicht. Sept. Die CSU hat zusätzlich einen eigenen ‘”Bayernplan'” verabschiedet. Hier können Sie sich über das Wahlprogramm informieren. A “Bayernplan” banner by the CSU is seen during the start of a CSU election campaign rally in Munich – Buy this stock photo and explore similar images at.

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Traditionally, the public old-age pension scheme is an important and sensitive policy topic in Germany. Das sagt Lewa A5: Finally, it is interesting to note that the Greens, in contrast to almost every other party, did not lose voters to the AfD. Thus, parties in favour of both left- and right-wing policy proposals have a wider ellipse on the left-right axis; parties in favour of both libertarian and authoritarian policy proposals have a lengthier ellipse on the libertarian-libertarian axis.

Not only does the party have the clearest leftist profile, it is also the most libertarian one in the German political landscape. Both parties have a clear preference for a coalition partner, but two-party-coalitions have become increasingly unlikely in a polarised six-party-system. All these fields have changed significantly over the last years and force the parties to find good answers.

This can be traced back to the foundation of the party in Germany is a reliable partner in the EU and will be in future. Generally she is recognized and valued by a large proportion of German voters as a guarantor for domestic and international stability and a reliable crises manager. Voters did not reward them, although a huge majority of the population was in favour of this policy. The precise party position is located in the centre of the ellipses.

These self-placements of parties were subsequently compared with an expert coding.

Wahlprogramm: CDU und CSU wollen das Kindergeld erhöhen

The spatial map is constructed on the basis of the aggregate positions of the parties on the two dimensions the left-right dimension and the libertarian-authoritarian dimension. This debate has even intensified after the elections.

The Greens seem like the most natural partner for the Social Democrats, but under the impression of growing fragmentation in the German party system, it seems unlikely that two-party-coalitions besides a Grand Coalition will become a feasible option for the time being.


The heaviest present challenges for Germany are the integration of some hundred thousands of refugees who came to the country since into the German society.

Education Basically, education falls into the responsibility of the German states.

Der Bayernplan , Regierungsprogramm der DSU by CSU | LibraryThing

During the bayernnplan campaign, AfD representatives broke several taboos by making drastic comments. In order to reconcile work and family, the CDs promote the right of parents to return to their job position they had before starting a family. How were the graphs created? Fiscal policy The German Christian democrats are committed to a balanced state budget. The AfD was very successful in pressuring the other parties to adopt stricter anti-immigration stances by instrumentalising public fear.

Moreover, the Christian democrats advocate an increase of video surveillance and longer periods of time for the storage of data.

This has led to a severe internal struggle between CDU and CSU with regard to the implementation of a limit for the number of asylum seekers. They recognise the need for a human care for refugees already in northern Africa and countries of origin and for solidarity among EU member states in order to share burdens related to the massive influx of refugees. However, the negotiations for such a coalition were cancelled by the Liberals. For example, for issues such as unemployment benefits, pensions and minimum wages, the party prefers to rely on independent commissions.

For the Liberals, the election was a special one. On the one hand, the party is still divided between a more pragmatic wing and a more radical leftist wing. Bundestagswahl findet am The most salient issues were selected by a team of academics and experts, based on a close examination of the parties’ platforms and media discourse.

Together with the warranty of internal security and the prevention from terrorism these fields will be the main tasks of the coming years. New and modified issues Changes and advances are to be stated in the fields of internal security, the fight against terrorism, the integration of refugees, the global management of refugee movement and the challenges of a digital world.

Since the overall economy runs well and the majority of Germans feel satisfied with their life, politics and the institutions of the state, this comes as no surprise. Steuern Sie Ihr Zuhause ganz einfach und bequem per Fingertipp. All parties except for the AfD responded to this request.


Basically, education falls into the responsibility of the German states. As the party lost a high proportion of voters to such ideologically diverse parties as Die Linke, Greens, FDP and AfD, it will be almost impossible to win back all these voters for the next election. Wahlprogramme der etablierten Parteien. How do they react to changes in the society and with which topics do they position themselves where in the political debate?

Although the SPD was part of four of the last five German governments, the party is currently undergoing one of its most difficult and disruptive periods after World War II.

Beschlossen wurde es am 3.

Promotion of families In the past, large efforts have been made by all German governments in order to encourage young people to start a family. Inthe party ran a very personalised campaign, putting a focus on its chairman, Christian Lindner, and re-entered the German Bundestag.

Hier finden Sie weitere Informationen dazu: Wechseln Sie jetzt auf einen aktuellen Browser, um schneller und sicherer zu surfen. Although the party is partly still dominated by strong business-friendly positions such as tax cuts, the party has not yet reached a consensus among key issue like pensions or health care systems. Concerning their positions on Europe, German CDs offer a combination of long-standing and new commitments. After the CDs accepted the initiative of Bayernplann democrats to introduce a minimum wage, wage formation and other labour market regulations should be negotiated between the tariff partners, i.

The pragmatics mostly East-German branches are pushing the party towards more centrist positions to make a coalition with SPD and Greens possible.

Discrepancies were communicated to parties over several rounds until there was full clarity and authorisation of their final issue positions. In the past, large efforts have been made by all German governments in order to encourage young people to start a family. In the fields of taxation, welfare state politics, and especially in the field of old-age pensions, and politics related to the EU we can state a high degree of continuity.