Berossus and Genesis, Manetho and Exodus: Hellenistic Histories and the Date of the Pentateuch. By Russell E. Gmirkin. Berossus and. Download Citation on ResearchGate | On Feb 6, , John Van Seters and others published Berossus and Genesis, Manetho and Exodus: Hellenistic. Colofón Texto a dos col. Port. con esc. xil. del arzobispo Juan Martínez Siliceo Marca tip. al fin Enc. Perg. Sign.: *7, [infinito]8,.·.8, ¶6, A-Z8, a-o8, p Read more.

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By Berosaus Andrew Bennett. Gemesis Permissions, please email: This was, it seems, by design, and as a result, for about two millennia, people have claimed that it was “written by God” and every word in it is truth, or Truth. The book overfocuses on Greek; underfocusses on the Hebrew text. However, he didn’t go into this in detail and I recall reading it and nodding vigorously because I had noticed the same things.

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Initial Thoughts on “Berossus and Genesis, Manetho and Exodus” | The Biblical Review

I was not persuaded that the first five books of the Hebrew Bible were “composed in their entirely about BCE” in Alexandria. The late date of the Pentateuch, as demonstrated by literary dependence on Berossus and Manetho, has two important consequences: Verbrugghe and WickershamBerossos and Manethopp.


At bottom, his argument against the documentary hypothesis exdous substance. Receive exclusive offers and updates from Oxford Academic.

This text also says that the Jews were “so docile The Septuagint mwnetho Apocrypha: If some parallel exists between Genesis 1—2 and Enuma Elish that does not appear in Berossus, Anf asserts that it was likely present in the longer original version of Babyloniacathus resorting to argumentum e silentio to make his case pp. The Odyssey also offers intriguing parallels to the Book of Jonah, and Odysseus’ treatment by the suitors offers close parallels to the Gospels’ depiction of Christ in Jerusalem.

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This book has a bold thesis and detailed argumentation: Was Berosus’ work, for instance, even known to have been in the Alexandria Library? There was a problem filtering reviews right now.

The book mostly addresses Greek writers, or rather the fragmentary remains of such. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews.

The reactions to the above types of analyses are usually outright rejection even in the face of accumulating mountains of evidence that is considered conclusive in any field of endeavor OTHER than Biblical Criticism. Gmirkin mentions the snake in the Epic of Gilgamesh who stole and ate the plant of life that would keep Gilgamesh eternally youthful p. Also, the temple in Elephantine does not attest to non-existence of written Torah then, any more than does the later temple at Leontopolis.


The book is characterized by strident “doubtless” overreaching for novelty, unfortunately, because it results in a thesis which is a work of fiction. Not surprisingly, no one before Gmirkin has ever supposed that Berossus is the direct source for the authors of Genesis 1—11, especially since the hypothesis implies that learned Jews of the third century BCE chose an inferior literary work on Babylonian history, written in poor Greek Burstein, p.

Email alerts Genesls issue alert. Get to Know Us. This article exorus also available for rental through DeepDyve. One might have expected, given his thesis, quotes from, say, Berossus in Greek, then the Hebrew Torah, then Greek translation, with detailed comment on how Genesis supposedly depends on Berossus.

How then can Gmirkin so confidently assert that the Exodus story is dependent on Manetho pp. Both Hyksos and Israelites were foreigners in Egypt, described as shepherds, expelled by the Egyptians and settled in Jerusalem pp.

Berossos and Manetho, Introduced and Translated: I must comment no further than this, though, because I am only about halfway through Chapter Three.

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