BO XI R1; BO XI R2; BO XI R3; BO XI R; BO XI R Later in the year , BO XI was introduced. SAP Webi has a three-layered architecture −. Question2: What are the key differences between BOXI R3 and SAP BO 4.x? Question3: How do Explain The Architecture Of Web Intelligence Tool? Answer . BO XI R2 Architecture (5 Tier’s). We have five tiers in BOXI if you have any PPT or document on BOXI R3 architecture, pl send me to my mail.

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Really very informative blog Rise in Demand for Talent Here’s how to train middle managers This is how banks are wooing startups Nokia to cut thousands of jobs. For a universe contexts should be created in a way that all joins except shortcut joins fall in at least one context. Making a great Resume: Hi, You have really posted a nice artice.

You can retrieve data as per specific business requirement. When you use Save as option, on right side you get many options — Refresh on open, Permanent Regional formatting, Save for all users, Remove document Security. To manually create a context Go to Insert Context, give the context name and select the joins that should be present in the context.

Can you please share me with PPT, information docs to me mailid imsaravanan79 gmail. These filters are not used to limit the data retrieval from the data source and only hide certain values at report level. Hi, If you could also send me some additional info I would be grateful. Using this function we can define only one object for the measures in the fact tables.


Bodi report filter allows selected data to display in a page and hides the other data.

These five tiers include. Business intelligence Practice Tests. You can select from list of available objects as per your access permissions. What Are The Query Filters?

In Associate dimension, select the unique object from the same query. It is three layered architecture: Secured connection published to Repository. Hello Mareswar, I really appreciate your time and effort.

businessobjectsguru: BO XI R2 Architecture (5 Tier’s)

When you run a query, it only returns the rows that meet the query filter definition. Using Subqueries, you can implement complex logic to limit the size of data which are not possible to apply with simple query filters. All the remaining applications present in the BO are window based applications. The connection parameters in this case are saved in the CMS.

If you want you can show specific low or high values with some specific colors.

Assume that you have created Query 1 and Query 2 in Query Panel. Application tier The application tier hosts the server-side components that process requests from the client tier as well as the components that communicate these requests to the appropriate server in the intelligence tier 3.


Business Objects Web Intelligence XI 3 Interview Questions & Answers

Hello Mareswar This is very informative. Respect the following rules Object names can differ.

G3 servers run as services based on windows. This server manages all the scheduled File-based events. However one cannot set rights and securities on objects in a shared connection.

Using a Relational connection created in Universe Designer Question Business objective web intelligence XI 3 is a management tool which is specifically created for the business users who need to produce effective reports using this tool. This is very informative.

What is the differece b/w BOXI R3 and BOXIR4

Top 10 facts why you need a cover letter? This helps the learners to analyse, access and share corporate data using business objectives. The Intelligence Tier 4. Using prompts, you have multiple users viewing one document to display different sub set of data in database. What Is Aggregate Awareness Function?

Thanks archktecture advance, Murali. You can also compare the values of objects in a subquery with the other objects.

You define input controls using text boxes and radio buttons. Can i get detailed informatin of each server?. Any objects created on a table column which belong to specific contexts is naturally compatible with all other objects from same contexts.