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Even that one was a toss up because it was massive and had power feed everything.

The point of the matter is that it will take about umpteen years to make all l.f.mason those pretty pieces at home and without serious machine tools to begin with.

I still have this feeling that people are missing the point of the Gingery process. Making a lathe from scratch,I. Personally, I gave up and bought a Taig. The ways on my little round bed machine are superior shafting and the gibs are sprocket bushings. It’s buildihg being used but it is still crap.

Here you can mark if you have read this book, reading it or want to read. Can get a cheap spindex and just use the spindle from that with new bearings.

The sprocket bushings have three holes to tighten them and three threaded holes to push them off off for disassembly. Granted I did not make several of the main components but making the head stock from a 5C spin collet fixture was a great learning experience. If I knew of anything of significance that may assist in either avoiding or solving problems, I’d tell him.

Building my own lathe

One thing to consider is that casting allows the production of structors that can’t be easily machined on a lathe only shop. The stepperhead isn’t a lathe, it’s a work of art – it reminds me of a really high end hi-fi turntable more than a machine tool Now kepp in mind that these are not the pretiest nor the most acccurate could be made accurate lathes. One which incorporates the features I need and the ergonomics I prefer. I have come across the following material already. Either round or crossed-roller.


I’ve seen a good few. But, there are those that can keep the steam up and dedication to projects to see them built from start to finish. I can go on for ever. I built this small cnc lathe for the challenge and fun of it.

Mason, a Brit, wrote a book “Building a Small Lathe.

Building a Small Lathe by L.C. Mason

In one way it was a l.c.mson when I had to opportunity to closely examine a Gingery mill, shaper, and lathe. No reason to build that old Gingery relic when you can build something much nicer using modern linear rails.

English Choose a language for shopping. You added your first item into your Library. Am considering submitting this project as an article. David Gingery to remove the listed copyrighted material from my domain. Idea is to make something tiny that can cut metal.

To add to it all, Tom Walshaw or Ssmall Cain wrote of pretty well the origins of where cheap and nasties were produced and sort of jumbled together. Use our magazine locator links to find your nearest stockist!

I made some castings that looked great but they were not at all suited to the purpose for which they were intended. I’m probably the biggest planner and dreamer there is and have at the moment enough materials acquired to work projects well into my next childhood.: Just a word of friendly advise I’d like to read this book on Kindle Don’t have a Kindle? The four jaw is especially impressive. The pans can be found at the link below.


I say this now because I now have a tiny bit of experience in using lathes and mills and what it takes to make an accurate part.

Building a small lathe with hand tools is not as easy as the “books” make it sound but it can be done if you have the time and energy.

Most probably, many would just give up as I’m sure there are already those that have. I l.c.nason have to admire anyone who has attempted and completed this project.

This insures that, both bores are automatically, in perfect alignment.

Building a Small Lathe: L.C. Mason: : Books

I was thinking more along the lines of a dovetailed bed and gibs. Well I say go for it, just don’t expect to be saving any money over bkilding purchasing a lathe. I am not sure what you mean but I will take it as a compliment. Could you explain how the circular gibs work? Some times pouring metal into a mold is the quikest way to realize a complex part at reasonable costs.

Hi Siddley, I have built my own lathe 4.

Ok – then try this one: I love the gingery machines! I’m still impressed each time that I see photographs of it. Here are all that I have. All the handles, gears, electronics, pretty dials, etc. I want something smaller in size than my current lathe that o.c.mason be set up indoors etc where it is airconditioned!

Whether I agree or not is of no consequence.