Burnt Offerings (Valancourt 20th Century Classics) [Robert Marasco, Stephen Graham Jones] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Ben and. But it all started with Robert Marasco’s Burnt Offerings (’73) about a family that escapes the city to move into the summer rental from hell. There’s no getting around it, and if you’ve read it (or seen the movie adaptation), I’ d wager the most memorable aspect of Burnt Offerings (Dell.

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The best comment I heard on the movie was a friend. He couldn’t understand the title because “there wasn’t one match lit in the entire movie!

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I read offeringe novel when it first came out. Obviously, I was much younger then, and maybe ribert explains why I was totally caught up in it. When I saw the movie in the theater, it was a big comedown from the novel, and I was especially annoyed by the heavy-handed device of the sinister hearse driver.

Now I find the movie amusingly brunt though the scene where we hear Bette Davis’s arm snap does get me every time. What a cast, indeed! Eileen Heckart is in it, too. Dan Curtis, creator of “Dark Shadows,” directed, abd it’s a film in the same style as that show and “Trilogy of Terror” — subtle it isn’t, but it’s fun if you don’t take it too seriously.

Don’t know what I’d think of the book if I read foferings now. I think that’s what I found disappointing about the movie: Curtis’s style made marascl seem less like a feature film and more like a TV movie. I did like the ‘raging pool’ sequence however, and the ending was unexpectedly bloody.

Tim, I thought about subtitling this post “Burning Down the House” but then I recalled nothing of the kind happened! I began this book about months ago but wasn’t drawn in and put it down after about a chapter or so.

I still have this book near the top of a pile of horror books “to read”, ofgerings light of what you’ve said, I guess it’ll be reshuffled again, this time less prominently. It is King’s selection on the “core list” of the Jones Newman Horror: Not seen the film, but usually love Dan Curtis’ total ’70s style.

As for Dan Curtis, the best things he did were the Kolchak: Although Palance can be hammy at times, I can watch those two endlessly. Very moody and atmospheric, for TV movies, the same could be said of Kolchak, too.


All coming back to me. High praise indeed, but I believe robeert bit exaggerated. I do like the cover, however, with the face on the knob. I read this a million or so years ago, but I do seem to have fond memories of it. You make a good point, though: I’ve seen the film recently and thought it was very effective and disturbing, with a genuinely shocking ending. There are campy moments here and there, but I think rkbert find that oferings any 70s movie even The Shining.

The house used in the film was also used for the exterior of the ofverings home in Phantasm. With the recent housing crisis, I’m surprised that none of the cable channels or studios have fast-tracked this to remake status. In many ways I thought William F.

Nolan’s screenplay adaptation actually improved upon the novel.

But let’s face it, what makes the movie terrifying is the chauffeur portrayed by frightening character actor Anthony James The Teacher, Unforgiven. He’s an accomplished painter these days. It’s worth taking the tour if you’re in the area http: Interestingly, the handyman in Burt Subscribe to Too Much Horror Fiction.

Burning Down the House. Part of the recommended reading list in Stephen King ‘s Danse Macabrethis slim first novel Burnt Offerings occupies part of that territory of early ’70s horror bestsellers mostly forgotten today, ironically because of King’s own impact on ,arasco field comparisons to other then-current classics The OtherThe Exorcistand Rosemary’s Baby marawco paperback cover: Robert Marasco ‘s lifelong output was very small, although his only play, Child’s Playwas a big Tony Award-winning Broadway hit inand it sounds pretty appropriately macabre.

He wrote only one other novel, Parlor Games. If you think I’m setting up a forgotten classic Burnt Offerings concerns the Rolfe family after they rent marascp lovely big house in Long Island to escape the summer in Queens, and all the muted, allusive horrors they face after.

As a bonus, the renters, brother and sister Allardyce, reveal that their elderly mother will reside, unseen, in an upstairs room the whole time the Rolfes are there and all they have to do is provide her meals; another warning bell. So soon come the subtle terrors, the ambiguous chills, the inexplicable accidents, as the atmosphere darkens and the house – or is it Mrs. You know how that goes, dedicated follower of horror fiction.


Too Much Horror Fiction: Burnt Offerings by Robert Marasco (): Burning Down the House

Caretakers in this type of work never seem to make out well, do they? King has stated its influence on The Shiningwhich is probably clear from that simple description.

I read it in during what was my last real heavy-duty jag of horror-fiction reading until I began this blog. So I dug out an old notebook from then in which I wrote about various books and movies and lo and behold, while I’d marasxo down that I’d actually read Burnt Offeringsit seems I didn’t write anything about it.

Not a good sign. But I can recall my impression pretty well, and that is, despite some glowing reviews on Amazon, where it gets called a “seminal horror novel,” I was underwhelmed by its subtlety and felt it promised more than delivered, that its final reveal simply wasn’t that scary or effective I kinda dig the movie version though, with the quite astonishing cast of Karen Black, Oliver Reed, Burgess Meredith, and Bette Davis.

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Burnt Offerings by Robert Marasco

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