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Do you believe that your Sensei is a veteran warrior who has seen a lot of action in real combat situations?

Bushi-jutsu: The Science of the Warrior

The Kata themselves, therefore, are extremely well equipped to utilise the involuntary responses to attacks to certain anatomically vulnerable points. There are other, hidden, uses of this technique Kakushi Waza which you will see in the following sections. None of these stances are ‘taken’, they are merely passed through in the generation of power for the technique you are delivering.

If the inner walls of the trachea become ruptured, your opponent may drown to death on their own blood. Within Oyo, we have attempted to show the classical application of Bunkai as it is taught in most contemporary Dojo today. Can you honestly state that you can cause injury by striking an opponent with nukite or Ippon nukite or nihon warrlor other than by striking vulnerable areas?

Knowledge of this Ura Waza bushi-juteu the singular, most sciene, aspect of the training. However, I do know this: We believe and have shown that the ‘assisting’ hand is actually the blocking hand, and the ‘blocking’ hand is actually the striking hand – therefore we block, strike, strike, strike – wailing! Jitsu without Do and Jutsu is philosophically denuded. Sometime around the 11th century, during the wartime period, an incursion of Japanese warriors Samurai on the island of Okinawa meant an influx of additional martial knowledge which was previously not a part of the norm had been taken place.

Effects of this have been carried forward into the Karate we practice today — many Sensei still do not know the original application of the techniques within a Kata.

Also the pattern or ‘Embusen’ is always, in part or totality, subject to an eight-directional line of movement and, with few exceptions, will end on the same spot as it began. In addition, it is clear that these techniques would be equally effective against a fully armoured samurai as against the local ‘head the ball’ who wants some drug money on Saturday night and picks the wrong ‘victim’.


We suggest a short experiment. This is followed by Hidari Tetsui Uchi to the head if possible which will further disorientate the attacker. The Kata busshi-jutsu essentially a record of the original Karate system; a system which was designed to deal with the chaotic nature of warrjor live confrontation.

Certainly our students, when developing Kihon Ippons for gradings, are encouraged to look to the Kata of their grade for inspiration. Around the end of the 14th century, a Chinese incursion on the island further developed what was already a formidable fighting system. The classical is just as important to the development of the individual as the contemporary and brutal reality.

Full text of “Bushi Jutsu – Science of the Warrior”

Within Kihon, as stated previously, there is a certain amount of repetition. Distance judged against the counter offensive. Should you be attacked for your wallet, your mobile phone, your jewellery or just because someone has taken a disliking to you, you should be prepared to be exposed to this extreme violence.

This book is not recommended for non-martial artists or ANYONE under the age of 18 — any person using or attempting to use any of the information from this book do so entirely at their own risk. Effective self- protection and combative skills were what the martial arts were originally created for.

The traditional throws of Judo have little street effect as some of them endanger the defender more than the attacker. This is quickly followed by a stepping punch to the head Oi Zuki Jodan.

Within Kakushi Waza, we have attempted to show the reality of Bunkai – that which the Kata was created to communicate and which is the most effective of the three types we have chosen to include. Obviously, you would begin the hammer blow with the hammer orientated in the correct manner in order to generate as much power as possible.

We actually do head kicks but this invariably follows a kick to the calf or knee or thigh muscle or groin etc; bringing the head to the foot, rather than the foot to the head. If you thee yourself in this unfortunate position, the following techniques could be applied: The attacking arm is then captured, rotated through degrees, and used to manipulate the attacker to a point of total imbalance using force applied to the tricep muscle and local Atemi, whilst stepping back to a position of Gedan Barai.

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We must all strive to understand the reason that this, bushi-jhtsu possibly all other Kata, was created in the first place.

Top of head Forehead Side of head Nape of neck Palm strike to grab This can be used to make a point more so than to seriously injure or incapacitate your opponent. We believe that you can’t, consistently. Uchinadi Pinan Shodan – Henka Perpetuity D 41 Bushi-Jutsu Henka sees the same attack with a varied response, in the form of a Ude Uchi to the tricep of the attacking arm to deaden the limbquickly followed by a shoulder grab – all still in Kosa Dachi.

Would you like to tell us about a lower price? We have tried to show over leaf a variety of elbow strikes to a variety of targets. In so doing, we have had cause to question all of the current beliefs which exist in all of the combative arts. The second Gedan Shuto Uke is represented by the rotation under the arm and grab of the attacker’s arm.

We, the Karate-Jutsu Karateka, will tell you that it doesn’t matter whether you look good or not, that if a ‘block’ can be used as a strike, do it, that if you need to bite, gouge, strike the throat or squeeze the testicles to win the fight, do it – this is the Science of Karate.

Many thanks for your support and for buying this book. It can be difficult to see how the rigidity and formality of most modern training can be applied in the chaos of live confrontation? Sensei D Westwood Right: This is where this very informative book by Andy Paskin and Darren Westwood will be of help.

As for multiple attackers — the best defence is to run away…. To truly understand, therefore, you must be all three, simultaneously, without being aware of the transition back or forth.