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The pebbles are very heterometric and testify to the high flood discharges. In this last case, two distinct stages were noted: The remnant pore space above the cements is open. The depth of karstification, several hundred metres below sea level, especially in the Opoul area and in Lower Agly, is mainly linked to: The cement is mainly sparitic: As software and hardware become increasingly interwoven, new opportunities and challenges emerge. Considering the permanent settlement of hominids in the Caune Arago from to 50 Ka and the abundant concentration of Lower and Middle Palaeolithic industries on the various old alluvial terraces of the plain of Roussillon, this almost total absence of open-air camps in the Tautavel-Vingrau Depression is unexpected.

Moulin, the skeleton of the conglomerate results from a single sparitic border sp linking the gravels of sandstones s and schists scthe void volumes v remain very important.

In simple terms, streams aggraded because more sediment was supplied than could be carried downstream. In the upstream of Gouleyrous Gorge Paziols plain according to the geologic map of Rivesalte Berger et al.

A resultant hard water effect would make the apparent age too old, but here, on the contrary, the measured ages turned out much younger than those generally suggested previously Berger et al.

As a consequence, the downstream Verdouble landscape of Tautavel Man was attractive with various ponds and water sources linked to water resurgences. It does not involve the existence of a topographic shoulder on which deposits are overlaid.


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Rind cements, especially in the Paziols area, are interpreted as having formed under water-saturated conditions — a phreatic environment James and Choquette, — based on the continuous isopachous character and the lack depc geopetal features. They testify to a rather late karst-induced excavation of the Gouleyrous Gorge and consequently to the relatively recent connection between the upstream and downstream basins of the Verdouble River.

Agrandir Original jpeg, 6,7M. On the other hand, we can consider that, in both the Museum and Alzine sites, the two distinct generations of cement were able to supply a closely connected and coherent chronology on the basis of a set of four dates. Cementation may have been favoured by the exposure of large bank areas, leading to meteoric ground-waters with a relatively high content of dissolved calcium carbonate.

The lithologic assemblage is very different from that of nearby Fya, because it is dominated by silicified or siliceous elements of which nearly a third is shale-like and presumed to be Ordovician. AMS 14 C ages of dominant ceppc lithoclasts are coherent with those of dominant siliceous lithoclasts suggesting a non-significant ”dead carbon” or hard water effect.


Department of the Interior, U. Upward Ford station, one single phase deposition of sparitic cement sp linking various gravels, frequent voids v. Journal of Human Evolution 55, 5, With dark grey colour, calcareous uplands and cliffs above the Depression.

Higher magnification view of a sector of A showing the succession of a calcareous clast with a dark cover of oxides of manganese mthe first red cementation compounds of micrites and microsparites, the second white cementation consisting of sparites spthe last 0. This suggests that the geochemical conditions necessary for calcrete formation were not uniform in the catchment.


The two stages of cementation in some conglomerates in the Tautavel-Vingrau Basin Museum and Mas Alzine can be understood in terms of intermittent interstitial water saturation in the downstream part of the valley. It is possible that detrital reworking influenced the definition of permmis successive alluvium deposits, the dominant calcareous material thus representing perrmis origins west premis a catchment scale, the siliceous dominance corresponding to more proximal sources east.

Some mainly sandy accumulations ppermis well-preserved oblique stratifications. Some residual microcliffs of conglomerate testify to a cemented deposit Fxb on the map, fig.

Facing southward and shielded from eprmis wind, this site is also situated near the water source of the Verdouble, a necessity for both man and animal. In each case, the altitude values correspond to the sampling point. On the other hand, downstream of this confluence, we found only permie few scattered and much eroded artefacts of possible Palaeolithic affinity in the fluvial deposit, while all the catalogued archeological sites belong to the Neolithic or to Antiquity. The cement fringes consist of scalenohedral calcite spars and generally, a only one-step cementation is observed.

Mesozoic calcareous lithoclasts are sporadically included in the alluvial fan. For absolute age dating of inorganic carbon, thin sections of the crystal fabrics and textures preserved provided the preliminary documentation.

Table des illustrations Titre Fig. Under these conditions, only the rapid cementation allowed the preservation of the deposits. The two main springs of this karst system emerge a pegmis kilometers from each other.