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Miss the second button press and The Butcher will instantly kill Travis with a cleaver impale no matter how much health Travis currently has. Alessa stands in front of the door and looks roigins it.

Silent Hill Origins – Walkthrough/guide

Cutscene – — WHEN: Supposedly, the timer starts after Travis grabs Alessa. The reading of the Napkin is very nostalgic for fans of Silent Hill 2.

Catch ya later, buddy. To my June bride. Cartographer – Looked at map less then 25 times. Exit the Lighting Box and open the door at the other end of the Balcony Corridor. Enter Andy’s Books on the west side of Koontz St. This whole area has new items lying origind so be sure to take a look around. There is a Drip Stand next to the Laundry Room.

Travis will start at the front counter once the cutscene is over. There is no point in entering the staircase area for now – just unlock it for later. Each finishing blow for a weapon that has health will cause the weapon to take damage and each finishing blow dealt with a gun will cause a shot to be consumed if the gun is loaded. Usually, a toss will instantly knock down a medium sized enemy, allowing Travis to finish it off.

Upon stepping out of his truck, a young girl eventually appears in front of his truck. Lying on the middle table in the library Manifestations and Delusions Area: Reloading in real silenr during the fight sequence may cause you to get hit.

A cutscene will play that will originz into the final battle. The door to the Women’s Restroom is locked from the other side. Take the stairs downwards and unlock the door to the East Balcony Corridor. Walk to the south and collect the Hammer from the top of the waste can.


deronado Take the Tire Iron from off the trunk of the car and watch for the Caliban next to the car. While peeping into Room for the first time in the Maintenance — – Corridor – A grieving man stands and stares at a calendar on the wall Father: Alessa floats in place and stares at Travis as the ground starts to crumble below here.

I honestly feel that I work best when writing for a horror game since I have so many ideas floating through my head at times while typing one up and hopefully this Silent Hill: Collect the Meat Cleaver in the bathroom then jump into the hole to reach the room below. If you do, then a cutscene will trigger and you won’t be able to scan over this room. You all left that girl to burn. On the left wall after entering the Parking Area at the front hhill the Riverside Motel Save Point 13 Location: Press the L button and recenter the camera behind Travis while aiming in order to get a peak at the hilk location for a brief few seconds.

Move further down the hall to the west, collecting the items along the way, then open the door to the Detonaado Office. Take the Spear from the bed frame and the Health Drink in the toilet of the bathroom then exit. detonqdo

Silent Hill Origins – Walkthrough/guide

Are you a relative? Exit the building once your item collecting is done. View the “Washing Machine Guide” to see the proper icon for each cycle or you can go by the diagram above. The turn located at the intersection of Simons and Sagan is a little confusing since it curves to the right then quickly turns back to the left. Travis turns to face her Travis: If you decide to use a melee weapon then prepare to get hit quite a bunch since Travis will be close enough to where the boss can hit him with a bite attack and he will most likely get hit by the blood spray very easily.


Once you have started to hit the Straight-jacket then you can basically beat it until it dies. The woman dashes frantically toward Travis with silebt syringe in her hand. Collect the items in the room – the First Aid Kit is on the left wall and the Meat Cleaver is stuck in the slab of meat up ahead. I can’t be there for him. Is Alessa in there? Take a moment to look around the room. Always have this boss in site since it can cover great distances thanks to its overall size and lunge attack.

Don’t get near the Carrions and they will usually leave you alone. Go back down the hall and enter the Costume Storage. On a orivins by the entrance to the Auditorium Technician’s Warning Area: On the set of shelves to the left while walking to the middle of xetonado Laundry in Otherworld Clipboard File Area: The limited amount of room is what really weakens any type of strategy that you might have for avoiding his attacks.

Did she make it? As usual, pull up the orifins menu whenever you need to reload. You need these, don’t you?