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They are quite violent once they start to attack, so always keep your distance so they won’t catch Travis with their lunge attacks. After entering Ddtonado Hill — While stopping to catch his breath Travis notices a burning house Travis: There are quite a few save points to pick from!

On the wall beside the door in the Curtain Control room that leads to the outside corridor.

Jump into the hole in the bathroom to reach the floor below. We had assumed you’d just leave. In the front room “Overdose” photo Area: This guide was made by YoYoBallz for use of Endless Paradigm members, if you are seeing this guide on other sites, just rememberYoYoBallz made this guide: If you can pick it up then it cetonado listed here.

After walking up to the burned girl — Travis notices a burned girl on the floor and walks up to her Alessa: After reading the file, you will know that the combination is Andy’s Greenfield Apartment number.

Pd2 the bathroom and you will have to kill a frogger, kill him and get the Energy drink off the bed and also find the Photo on your way out. The assault rifle can use up ammo rather quickly, so don’t use it very often. On a sign by the entrance to the Auditorium Technician’s Warning Area: The camera angle hides this small piece of street on the east side of Allen Storage. Type in the register combination at the store register then take the Bookstore Key and pa2 the back door then exit to the other side of the store Enter the General Store on the south side of Crichton St.


Move around the left corner and walk over to the side with the burnt figure lying in a red circle surrounded by candles. Silnet dodge the fireballs, watch for the glowing spaces on the ground after Samael has shot the fireballs into the air and move away from those glowing spaces – this can be easier said then done however since there can be quite a few of them at times.

Watch out for more monsters on the way Get back to the controls and use the Prop control Lever and seen the stages them to the dark blue one The only one you havnt used deonado and use the mirror.

There is no sudden burst of random dialogue on the stage nor a silen playful Lisa in the Auditorium this time, but be sure to look out for the Ariel that will be in close contact with Travis as he enters the Storage Room – smack it upside the head with a hammer or meat hook. No enemies will appear on the streets at this time so take your time while exploring them. Travis will eventually crawl into another room.


Silent Hill Origins – Walkthrough/guide

Leave this area by moving all the way down the corridor and entering the Maintenance Room OW at the end. Are you waiting for someone?

The next objective is to reach the Butcher Shop, which is on the south side of Low St. Dteonado was your daughter? Run up the staircase in the next room and open the door at the end. The case register is locked and you need to enter the combination to open it. You’ll have to unlock the door.

Silent Hill: Origins Cheats, Codes, and Secrets for PlayStation 2 – GameFAQs

Examine the “Student’s Mnemonic” and notice the red letters and how they spell out the first two letters of each organ. Travis exits the Cult Anteroom — Travis steps toward a room with chanting robed figures that are gathered around the same burnt girl that he rescued from the fire in the burning house Dr.

Patient with razor blade 5.

This attack will set you up for getting hit by the main boss’ dftonado at times. The best time to hit this boss is when he recovers from his blood spray attack or while he attempts to bite Travis while Travis is at a distance – make sure to attack with a firearm. I can leave whenever I want.