pronombres-ejercicio..> 10K [TXT] pronombres-personale. K [TXT] tilde-diacritica-dip..> 11K. Index of /ejercicios/gramatica/acentuacion. Icon Name Last modified Size tilde- diacriticahtm 59K [TXT] tildeshtm Aunque por norma los monosílabos no se acentúan, hay ocho palabras que sí, en virtud de la tilde diacrítica. Por tanto, hay que tener cuidado.

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I looked at the page you suggested. Copyright – English Spanish Ejerciciso. By emokid03 in forum General English to Spanish Translation. I have Windows, but I have a Mac. Is not that so. Then the vowel pops up accented. Click it, and nothing happens until you click a vowel.

This is what I learned, but take advice from a native speaker before you listen to me. Este and esta are used with accents for specific nouns that do have gender. Sometimes I still get confused about esto verus este. For example, if someone is explaining a situation to me, and I want to say “this is a problem”, I’d be tempted to say “Esto es un problema”.

After you get the little keyboard icon near the bottom right, you can click it and choose international to make the accents.


Encuentra aquí información de Acentuación y tildación para tu escuela ¡Entra ya! | Rincón del Vago

If you are on a version of Windows, see http: Last edited by gernt; at Translate anymore poetry lately? But you have to install the language. Similar Threads Problem with a sentence structure.

Another way is to use a word processor that understands Spanish such as Microsoft Word.

It will supply a lot of accents automatically. All times are GMT You did such a nice job on the Leander poem. Especially the ejercicjos quote. The DRAE the official dictionary for spanish basically gives the same meaning for both and also for esta the feminine of este.

Take a look to http: I’m going to make this my weekend project. You can say “Esto es un problema” o “Este es un problema”they are correct. But, I don’t understand what the difference is between “estos cuentos” with an accent and without an accent. Eso puede hacerle dano. And also, why “estamos?

This is a problem, this is a big problem. Can someone shed some light on why these are different and what some general rules are regarding which one to use?

The time now is I’ll be interested to see how it works on a Mac.

But, as I said, it will make a good weekend project. It will really irritate another user. Last edited by mariaklec; at I just thought the explanation might help clarify.


But if the default is set to standard keyboard, your husband will never notice the difference unless you walk away from it and leave it in international mode. Marta fuma y nunca hace ejercicios. It is better if it wakes up in normal mode. I can change the language to Spanish, and then all my menu options, etc.

It does take a little getting used to.

Meaning of “acentuación” in the Spanish dictionary

Sorry, I don’t know how to type letters with accents Esta camisa es mas bonita que esa. I learned that esto, esoand aquello were neuter demonstrative pronouns used to refer to situations or ideas that don’t have gender. But if I wanted to say “This is a serious problem” I think I have to instead say “Este es un problema grave”.

And even then, he can learn to switch it back with two clicks. You can use both.