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We argue in a similar way with the previous case. Remember me on this computer. The securities will not be listed on any securities exchange. Composition of the Fund.

Tableaux for Type PDL | Agis Kritsimallis –

Proof We assume that lemma is incorrect and at the end we reach a contradiction. Most samples were collected in Samples were taken by two methods. The financial support and direction of the U.

A residual heat removal system RHR sample was analyzed for tritium because of dilution of the water in the reactor vessel with water from the BWST.

Under certain circumstances, a holder may be eligible for refunds or credits of such taxes. After the refueling outage, filter backflushes were performed at a mean frequency of about once per week. Since the cardinality of the set of formulas of a node is bounded see Proposition 6.

In the event we fail to pay the maturity payment amount on the maturity date, any overdue payment in respect of the maturity payment amount of the securities on the maturity date will bear interest until the date upon which all sums due in respect of such securities are received by or on behalf of the relevant holder, at a rate per annum which is the rate for deposits in U.

The DF’s for the cesium isotopes, however, show marked deviation from expectations i. The principal source of 1 3 1 Xe was the containment, but the containment was the primary source of 1 3 3Xe only during the non-refueling period.

This c1s6n supplement relates only to the securities and does not relate to the shares of the Fund or any assets included in the applicable Underlying Index.

The cases for the backwards possibility operator follow in a similar way. From there it is pumped through two more demineralizers, the secondary demineralizers A and B, into the waste holdup tanks. A rule is called static iff whenever the premise set is satisfiable by a state of a model, then if a conclusion set is satisfiable, it will be satisfied by the same model and the same state. The securities have not been registered with the National Registry of Securities maintained by the Mexican National Banking and Securities Commission and may not be offered or sold publicly in Mexico.


In almost all of the radionuclides studied, the DF increased during spiking in the coolant. The and 3H airborne concentrations are from Appendix Tables B.

NOTE 1 ,t-1 2. Russell uses the average of two years of assets or revenues data to reduce potential turnover. None of this publicly available information is incorporated by reference into this pricing supplement.

Unlike conventional senior non-callable debt securities, the securities do not guarantee the return of all of the principal amount at maturity.

The Underlying Index is designed to track the performance of the small capitalization segment of the U. Circled numbersQI indicate long-term sampling locations 3.

Estimate annual release of airborne activity from the auxiliary building ventilation system, process gas system, and containment buildings. The system components are listed in Table 4. Journal of Computer and System Sciences, Zion is a two unit plant. Since the spent resin tank contains the spent ion exchange resins from several demineralizers, it was impossible to determine which demineralizer was the source of the resin sampled.

Values of instantaneous DF’s feed concentration divided by distillate concentration are presented in Table 5. We have no explanation for this difference, except that it is consistent with the data from the boric acid evaporator. Of course this applies transitively. Although we present the proof of completeness slightly differently in relation with [7], in the case of the unfulfilled eventualities, we follow their approach in a similar manner.

The letdown filter cs1n6 provided with a backflush system, and the filter is backflushed at intervals dependent on the AP registered -across the filter.

Bids of the Issuer, Wells Fargo Securities, LLC or any of their respective affiliates may be included in the calculation of such mean, but only to the extent that any such bid is the highest of the bids obtained. Decontamination factors of 88 and 1 were used, respectively, for and 3 H.


Radionuclide releases from the containment building via the gaseous pathway are a function of reactor coolant concentration, coolant leak rate, partitioning of the radionuclide between coolant and containment atmosphere, losses due to deposition on surfaces, and filtration if any.

From the table it can be concluded that the principal contribution to system This is supported by a chemical ce16n releases is the tank room area. We expand T with the corresponding state of x. No, the securities do not guarantee any return of principal at maturity. We know that the two systems are equivalent, in the sense that a formula ccs16n satisfiable in type semantics iff it is satisfiable in the standard relational semantics.

NUREG/CR-2348, “In-Plant Source Term Measurements at Rancho

No lower limits of detection were used after refueling were respectively 2. It is clear that Eq. The average 3H normalized release rate value is For example, it would also be possible to treat the securities, and the Internal Revenue Service might assert that the securities should be treated, as a single debt instrument. Although distillate concentration may vary considerably over a small range of feed concentration, the combined data for both evaporators indicates that distillate concentration increases slowly with increasing feed or bottoms concentration.

Notice that a world cycle does not contradict with the assumption that node y is satisfiable. Decontamination factors were computed by dividing the letdown demineralizer effluent results by comparable results on the makeup filter effluent, and are presented in Table 3.

These plots include data from both the miscellaneous radwaste evaporator and the boric acid evaporator. Additionally, containment atmosphere samples were collected before, during, and after the operation of the ECS system. The largest branching factor of such a tree is due to special nodes and is in 2O n.