Publisher: Estado epileptico en pediatria: estudio retrospectivo y revision de la uccion. El estado epileptico (EE) es la. Experto metodológico: MD, Pediatra, MSc Médico, Neurólogo Pediatra .. Crisis prolongadas o repetidas y en estado epiléptico. Abstract. FABIO, Agertt; ANTONIUK, Sérgio Antonio; BRUCK, Isac and SANTOS, Lúcia Coutinho dos. Treatment status epilepticus in children: revision and.

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Patients with refractory status epilepticus RSE have high morbidity and mortality rates, Estado epileptico refractario en ninos: These publications show treatment alternatives such as immunotherapy, ketogenic diet, surgery and hypothermia.

Combining this review with the experience of our service, we proposed a protocol for treating SE. Chin R, Neville B. Those that persist for more than 30 minutes are more difficult to treat. The use epileptlco topiramate in refractory status epilepticus. Manejo del status epilepticus. The aim of this review is to provide and update on convulsive SE concepts, pathophysiology, etiology, available anti epileptic treatment and propose a rational management scheme.

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Propuesto en base a protocolo de tratamiento de SE-SR. Intravenous valproate in pediatric epilepsy patients with refractory status epilepticus.

The administration of rescue medication to children with prolonged acute convulsive seizures in the community: Lancet Neurol ; Cuadros recientemente descritos incluyen 8, As a result of such uncertainty, whether or not children who experience prolonged seizures receive their rescue medication during school hours depends mostly on the resources and training available in each school. Nabbout R, Mazzuca M. Pediatric Status Epilepticus SE is an emergency situation with high morbidity and mortality that requires early and aggressive management.


Login to my account Register. Ten patients required third-line drugs for the induction of barbiturate-induced coma: A literature search of articles published between January and Januaryfocused on pediatric population was performed. Springer New York, Epilepsia ; 52 Crit Care Med ; 37 You Rmoney this is nothing to do with money, business and success. Retrospective descriptive study based on the review of medical histories of patients admitted to our hospital from to with a diagnosis of SE.

Se recomienda no usar junto a propofol o esteroides 3, Dada la posibilidad de secuelas neurologicas y mortalidad asociadas, requiere un tratamiento agresivo precoz. Lancet Neurol ; 7 8: El tratamiento de primera eleccion fue benzodiacepinas en 47 pacientes 40, diacepamfenitoina en tres y acido valproico en uno.


Generate a file for use with external citation management software. Mortality risk and outcome. Rev Neurol ; 47 6: These publications show treatment alternatives such as immunotherapy, ketogenic diet, surgery and hypothermia.

Refractory SE is the condition that extends beyond minutes and requires anesthetic management.


Revisión del estado epiléptico convulsivo pediátrico y su manejo antiepiléptico

Outcome of paediatric convulsive status epilepticus: Services on Demand Journal. Figuras 1 y 2 3.

The mortality rate was 46 times greater than expected and was associated with preexisting clinically significant neurological impairments; however, children without prior neurological impairment were not at a significantly increased risk of death during follow-up.

Metabolic pediatriia and fatal myocardial failure after propofol infusion in children: How to cite this article. Recibido el 14 de marzo deaceptado el 4 de septiembre de fpileptico No sexual predilection or age variation is recognized.

Hemos recogido 39 pacientes 25 varones y 51 episodios de EE. Los tipos wpileptico EE fueron: The evidence about management in children is limited, mostly corresponds to case series of patients grouped by diagnosis, mainly adults.

Quote Item Rev Med Chile ; Given the possibility of neurological sequelae and mortality associated, it requires an early aggressive treatment. Diez pacientes precisaron farmacos de tercera linea para la induccion del coma: Nat Rev Neurosci ; 9 5: