sheet is a C# / component that provides a simple and efficient way to read, write, convert, and print native Microsoft Excel (XLSX, XLS) . sheet is a C# / Excel component for easy and efficient Excel file processing Framework Standard. Use the (); // Print to default printer using default options ();. Found on the Gembox documentation.

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By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. NET component that enables developers to read, write and convert spreadsheet files from their.

c# – Using sheets to convert .Xlsx to PDF – Stack Overflow

Questions tagged [gembox-spreadsheet] Ask Question. I am using Gembox library. When I used below command, I encountered “file contains corrupted data. I think I am going blind as one thing I cannot do is easily get the address e.

For example, when iterating through the Gfmbox last used row I am trying to get the index of the last used row in a spreadsheet. I’ve found that in excel it could be done like that: Apostrofix 1, 5 31 In the Excel file, there is cell contains Date value which refers to another excel file.

In the Cat first, I got zero value.

Convert Excel (XLSX, XLS) to PDF in C# and VB.NET

Nofya Triyani 13 4. How to use GemBox. Spreadsheet in OSX if is a. NET Framework I’m using.

Convert Excel files to HTML from C# / application

Spreadsheet, but is only available for. Is it possible to do something in order to use it with. Create all the rows of a column as a dropdownlist in excel using c My requirement is to export a blank excel sheet with 5 columns in which 3rd columns of all rows as a dropdownlist, so that user can use this work sheet to modify the data as per their need.

Arvind 40 1 Pshtiwan 19 1 6. Gembox Spreadsheet Data Validation I’m having some trouble applying some Data Validation on an Excel file generated “on-the-fly” that I’ve been unable to solve.

I’m using Gembox Spreadsheet version 3. It is a way to detect if a cell has border? As we know, in Gembox Spreadsheet, you can set a border with C language for a cell gembo FromArgb1, 1LineStyle Snake Eyes 8, 25 81 Aravind 67 1 2 Nathan 2, 13 43 GemBox – scroll into view functionality missing? I’m working with GemBox version 3. When opening a generated Gemnox file, it is always scrolled to the bottom of the worksheet. I or, rather, my customer Excel gembkx open Gembox Spreadsheet file Exce have this code to t an Excel file and download it: Add “Page 1” ; I don’t want to overwrite the entire spreadsheet.


The reason is that the other cells in the Saqib Ali 1, 4 31 Gembox get count of all rows including blank of specfic column I am trying to get count of last used row for a specific column, but was only able to get count of max rows occupied.

Test data is shown in attached snap. Gembox null value breaking formula I am creating an Excel spread sheet using C and Gembox. I get the data from SQLServer in a datatable and I have a gekbox where if a cell in the datatable is null, putting that into the excel Rick 1, 11 I am trying set my exceel datatable to an excel worksheet.

Jean 3 Gembox Excel send directly to Printer I have made a web application where i can write out reports in Excel, using the Gemboxs features. Gembox Example Now i would like to send it directly gembix the Printer, which is Spreadsheet I have the following problem: Teo Logean 20 4.

One cell has the value Formatted: GemBox Spreadsheet How can I retrieve data from a worksheet into a string variable? There seems to be no method for it. Worksheets[0]; How do I Is there a way to import an image from excel to a PictureBox? I am writing an application that works with Excel files. So far I have been using Gembox spreadsheet to work with excel files.

However, I discovered using Gembox spreadsheet I can save pics to excel Programatic truncation of large file names zipped for different Windows editions So I’m bugfixing on a program that allows a user to create an Excel document, which it first zip compresses before serving to the customer.

One of the client complaints is that, while the zip file can Excel file not loaded correctly I am using Gembox-spreadsheet to parse excel files with multiple sheets.

I am currently loading a file using the following code: None ; where inputExcel John 1, 10 42 Multiple font colors in one cell I’m exporting data using GemBox Spreadsheet and I need to format the text in a cell to have multiple colors.


This is possible in Excel like this found on StackOverflow: Dim fixedLength As Long GemBox – For loop for rows and cols? I have a question. Right now I am using foreach loops like this in my code: You can just ignore what’s Xls that allow me to convert from. PDF, so far, Gembox is doing great work. However, I cant seem to get the scaling right, and as far as I’ But i need to be able to make it fit to one page as you can when printing to pdf via excel.

Jonas Olesen Gembox Spreadsheet add column without remove the other ones I’m coding in c and using Gembox Spreadsheet to manipulate excel files.

I’d like to know if it’s possible to add a column without remove the other ones in a pre-existent xls file: Getting the data from F to Excel is fairly simple. Adding single cell styles to a specific or range of cells is rather simple as well. Steven 1, 11 Gembox, colorify Excel row As stated in the title i would like to use Gembox to colorify an entire row in a Excell document with a color selected at runtime. I have tried the following code: Skary 7 Gembox error when reading an.

The problem is that when I am trying to read the file using GemboxExcel.

Tamas Ionut 2, 4 23 I need to create an excel file, and know that GemBox Spreadsheet does not require office to be installed on the machine. Erez Konforti 78 1 We have a formula to roundup the pricing, but we discovered that other Spreadsheet autofit not working with first two columns C using System; using System.

Rich 1, 6 15 Gembox find and update cell I am trying to update an excel file with gembox. I want gembox to search the excel file for a certain string, and update all matches. But the method FindText only returns the first occurrence. Jan-Wiebe 36 2 Add assembly reference in. Spreadsheet package in my. That’s my first time using. JS background, so I don’t understand the problem.