Hakkoryu Jujutsu & Koho Shiatsu Igaku, Saitama-shi, Saitama, Japan. likes · 32 talking about this. Hakkoryu Jujutsu & Koho Shiatsu Igaku. Although Hakko Ryu Jujutsu was founded in , it inherits a century-old legacy of classical bujutsu (warrior arts) used by the samurai of feudal Japan. Hakko. Between and , a series of articles were published in the Japanese martial arts journal Hiden, which introduced our Hakkoryu Jujutsu to its readers.

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Regarding those not recognized but making fraudulent claims, please see Overview and History. Retrieved September 9, On that date Hakko-ryu was formed hakkoryj Okuyama took the pen name Ryuho spine of the Dragon.

Training in these arts requires sustained or repeated residences at Hakkkoryu Dojo, and again, is taught privately by Nidai Soke. It was founded in Halkoryu on June 1, Included in his martial studies were Daitoryu Aikijujutsu which he studied in Hokkaido primarily from Kyoju Dairi Matsuda Toshimi Hosaku and later for a short period of time from Daitoryu Soke Takeda SokakuSeigoryu Jujutsu studied in KyotoHasegawakoryu Kenjutsu sword style studied in HokkaidoNitoryu Kenjutsu sword style studied in the Kumamoto Hot Springs areaSojutsu spear combat studied in Yamagata PrefectureJojutsu stick combat studied in the mountains of NiigataKyujutsu archery studied in Yamagata PrefectureShurikenjutsu throwing weapons studied in the mountains of Niigataas well as other lesser-known systems.

Overview Of Hakkoryu Jujutsu Hakkoryu Jujutsu is a Japanese system of self-protection and a traditional medical therapy using finger pressure called Koho Shiatsu. The dojo has been in this location ever since. Direct inquiries to Hombu Dojo will not be answered.

His given name was Okuyama Yoshiji. Many desire the legitimacy of such affiliation without the accompanying training, efforts, sacrifice, responsibilities, limitations, and burdens actual membership requires. The original set of advanced instruction is for the title of Shihan Master Instructorand as with all advanced training in Hakkoryu, is taught personally by Nidai Soke.

Taikai 2016

There are few people outside Japan recognized as legitimate Shihan and teachers. This invisible yet powerful band of light is used as an analogy for Hakko Ryu, whereby “the faint and weak in appearance comes surprising strength”.

Hakkoryu So Hombu Dojo. Certain Tsubo special points along the Keiraku are sensitive to touching or hhakkoryu and cause sharp distracting pain, but do not necessarily damage bones, joints, or other body tissue.


This style of self-defense focuses on the qi meridian points sensitive to pain so that a defender can create sharp distracting pain to an attacker but without causing serious injury to the person, and it can therefore be considered a humanitarian martial technique.

Varying degrees, directions, and kinds of pressure on Keiraku applied by a trained therapist can assist in balancing irregular and incorrect accumulations or deficiencies of Ki in a patient, allowing the patient to heal himself. Hakko Ryu Jujutsu training employs strategies to defend jujutsk using subtle movements rather than strength, yet powerful in execution, not unlike the ultraviolet rays of the sun.

Koho Shiatsu While Hakkoryu applies pressure techniques on Hakkoryh to defend oneself or pin down an opponent when one is being attacked, applying pressure techniques on Keiraku is also the juujtsu theory of Koho Shiatsu.

Hakkoryu Jujutsu & Koho Shiatsu

The old concept that it is preferable to train a few hand-selected students well rather than many anonymous students not so well continues. That is, when one encounters violence, it can be said that Hakkoryu provides natural, simple, and practical methods that enable one to calmly face imminent peril and move on without hesitation to capture and punish assailants reasonably and easily in an instant.

Hakkoryu was born on this date. The one so chosen begins training at an early age, not only in the techniques and thinking of the ryu, but also in the day-to-day chores of managing and administering the dojo. The eighth shade is infrared, which is invisible to the naked eye but extremely powerful, as are Hakkoryu techniques. Koho Shiatsu, as a solid therapeutic method, is perfectly complementary to the techniques of Hakkoryu, as a martial art.

Nidai Soke is the only individual authorized to provide such advanced training and to bestow Menkyo licenses.

For more information on Hakkoryu Jujutsu, please visit the official Hakkoryu Hombu Dojo English websiteand in particular the Library section for further writings:. Nidai Soke conducts extensive clinical training for practitioners, upon satisfactory completion of which he may award certification.

Read the article here. Shodan first degreeNidan second degreeSandan third degreeand Yondan fourth degreewhich also correspond with the black belt level a disciple holds. Moving to the Kanda district of Tokyo, he established the Hakkoryu Kobujuku Private School for the Classical Military Art of Hakkoryu where he operated a popular training hall while also providing direct instruction to the police and military.

Interested parties are advised that many have no relationship to Hakkoryu. During this period, he traveled widely and studied traditional oriental medicine and martial arts seriously and enthusiastically from numerous pre-eminent teachers. Outside of Japan there are various individuals and organizations that claim to teach or have affiliation with Hakkoryu.


Nestled along a back street in a town one-hour northwest of Tokyo by train, is a dojo unique in modern Japan.

These Kata embody the wisdom and experience of Shodai Soke and are to be handed down as they are, without change to the core principles, to successive generations. When jujutwu father retired, Nidai Soke appointed a new set of personal counselors who have assisted him in many ways to improve the way Hakkoryu is overseen and administered.

On numerous occasions, he has appeared on national television as well as in popular publications concerning medicine and health. This dojo provides for training in the arts of Hakkoryu Jujutsu a Japanese system of self-protection and Hakkoryu Koho Shiatsu traditional medical therapy using finger pressure.

Views Read Edit View history. Using the same Keiraku utilized in Hakkoryu to control an attacker, Koho Shiatsu defends against attacks of disease and sickness from within and outside the body.

They are as follows: Muscular strength is not required in Hakkoryu. As a student of Hakko-Ryu you can trace the origins jujuhsu your art as far back as the eight Centaury A. Jujutau July 7, Our Hakkoryu Shodan-gi are designed to prepare one with basic rules to firmly put down such general assaults.

In Hakkoryu, one is learning a martial art while at the same time practicing Shiatsu techniques. Aroundhe was inaugurated as the President of the Asahikawa Therapist Association because of his high skill, knowledge, and dedication to traditional oriental medicine. In all, he studied under twenty teachers of various bujutsu ryu. See the weekend Taikai schedule here. Its throws are similar to those of aikido rather than jujutsu or judo.

Namikoshi Tokujiro, he established a medical clinic Mr. Also, you may contact the Hakkoryu Representatives jujutsuu Japan here. Sports pit one adversary against another under defined rules to determine who scores the most points, and then gives the victor an award. Archived from the original on February 3, The essence of Hakkoryu techniques will remain elusive to those who have not undergone prolonged study of the basics under a certified Shihan.