: Propagandes () by Jacques Ellul and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible Books available now at great. Introduction. Jacque* EJluTs view of propaganda and his approach to the study Therefore. Ellul distinguishes various fonrts of propaganda and calls his book. 13 quotes from Propaganda: The Formation of Men’s Attitudes: ‘To the extent that propaganda is based on current news, it cannot permit time for thought o.

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Henry Holt and Company, New York. The individual is not in the battle because he is the stake and the battle will determine what voice he will be permitted to hear and which words will have the power to obsess him.

Propaganda’s intent is to integrate people into the normal pattern prevailing in society bring about conformance to way of life. However, this enthusiasm can only last a jaacques duration so the objective must be achieved quickly followed by a period of rest. This book appears to be the first attempt to study propaganda from a sociological approach as well as a psychological one.

Poor cannot do this therefore they cannot be subjected to integration propaganda because the immediate concerns of daily life absorb all their capacities and efforts.

Propaganda Quotes

Real information never concerns such a person. A skillful propagandist does not try to change mass opinion or go against an accepted structure. But here we must make an important qualification.

However, in horizontal propaganda there is no top down structure but rather it springs up from within the group. Why Merton grew more hesitant to cite Ellul on technology less than jacquee years after his initial enthusiasm remains unclear.


Views Read Edit View history. This is sociological in nature because it provides stability to society by supporting the “way of life” and the myths within a culture.

Ellul and Merton

Propaganda stops man from feeling that things in society are oppressive and persuades him to submit with good grace.

Letters in Times of CrisisWilliam H. Individuals are faced with decisions which require a range of information that the individual does not and cannot have without propaganda.

He no longer expresses himself but his group once he accepts public opinion as his own. Yet it is important that mass media be subject to centralized control in order to successfully form public opinion without any opposition.

What could be more striking, more distressing, more decisive than the splitting of the atom, apart from the bomb itself? Propagandws and the Formation of Men’s Attitudes.

Modern propaganda is a technique that requires an analysis of both environment and individual to propagadnes subjected to propaganda. The news event may be a real fact, existing objectively, or it may be only an item of information, the dissemination of a supposed fact. Tactical political propaganda seeks to obtain immediate results within a given framework.

Sociological propaganda is a phenomenon where a society seeks to integrate the maximum number of individuals into itself by unifying its members’ behavior according to a jacwues, spreading its style of life abroad, and thus imposing itself on other groups.

Propaganda: The Formation of Men’s Attitudes – Wikipedia

A mass society is based on individuals that are reduced to ciphers based on what they have in common to others. He is now obliged to believe in that propaganda because of his past action.


The main body of his thinking regarding technology is derived, however, from fragmentary and episodic explorations in journals, letters and other writings. Just because the term propaganda cannot be defined with any degree of precision does not mean that attempts to define it should be abandoned. At the same time, such propaganda contains elements of criticism and refutation of other groups, which will never be read or heard by a member of another group If the propagandist attacks the network at one point, all myths react to the attack.

The vast majority of people, perhaps 90 percent, know how to read, but do not exercise their intelligence beyond this. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Ellul and Merton | | The International Jacques Ellul Society

Partitioning takes place on many different levels including class, religious, political, national and blocs of nations.

He is forced to accept jacquee new milieu and the new friends that propaganda makes for him.

As an isolated unit, the individual is of no interest to the propagandist unless he is reduced to an average.