View James Westly’s profile on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional community. James has 2 jobs listed on their profile. See the complete profile on. PRACTICAL WISDOM By James Westly. [James Westly Photograph], James Westly combines Hindu Satsanga, hypnotherapy and psychotherapy in a technique. James Westly, a [“Licensed Professional Counselor”] in Phoenix, AZ; offers mental health counseling for Anxiety, Depression, Eating Disorders, Panic Attacks.

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So, through the relationship we discover our level of inability to live in the present moment.

So too then, are these comments upon it. To do so is to become lost, out of contact with present moment reality. Yet, when we begin to assume the attitude that everything we experience was meant to serve us in some way, we have to opportunity to perceive the events of our life in an entirely different light.

The seeker of wisdom is in search of Self, a quality of being where we directly experience our spirituality, our divinity. Thus who we are becomes what we do, how we earn our livihood, who we’re connected to, what we own.

Everything in life is a process. They are made up as we go along, so we must have some awareness of the principles of intentional creation. What is not taken into account is the Law of Attraction.

James Westly counseling profile | Breakthrough

Found Your Soul Mate? Check here and see. Nothing less is required now than complete and total integration with our truer existence.

Wstly is a perilous seeming, non-linear journey into the unknown, in search of a human expression of who we truly are. So its not really a “journey” destly all, but more like a shift in perception. There is much discussion in Metaphysical circles about personal power; how we have lost it, how we might regain it. He also leads a group of seekers working with the ideas described in the Practical Wisdom material. If our inner reality is chaotic and confused, if it is bound up with considerations connected to an outer wesfly existence over which we have no control, there can sestly little freedom.


Under ordinary circumstances we tend to forget we are housed in a physical body. Soul Mate Synergy reveals the deepest soul-bonds between you. The facade we project into the world, or the inner being that works so hard to support that facade? We have enslaved ourselves in a myriad of ways by striving to gain control over that which is not in our power, and ignoring that which is potentially within our control.

What am Jmaes doing here? The changes are arriving so swiftly that we can no longer delude ourselves with the belief that we have any idea at all what the next moment will bring.

However, as long as we remain in this realm, we will experience some level of insecurity. Intention Is The Key The seeker of wisdom is in search of Self, a quality of being where we directly experience our spirituality, our divinity. Not to one who seeks an escape qestly the Illusion.

James Westly

This is merely the other side of the same coin. It is painful to not only look at your ‘stuff’, but to study it in detail over a long period of time. The Journey Inward Where’s Freedom? Are you with the partner whos name is written deep within your soul? Non-linear means that it is a state of being that is constantly available to any one of us qestly any time, under any conditions. The Final Frontier Intimacy is a work in progress for our race. We begin to think we “know” how the other person will respond to particular events and we react from that knowing, rather than from our in- the-moment perceptions of the other person.


This means that we find those things in life that truly give us joy, and devote our vital energy to the pursuit of these things. If you feel alone, westky out. Yet, even though we may ‘know’ the ‘right answer’, the question remains, are we able to live that answer? Yet, initially we avoid it.

We search for our identity as if it were something we had lost or forgotten. Thus it follows that the inner obstacles that prevent us from a deeper penetration of the “Truth” are processes, psychological processes. Expanding the edges of a frontier is journeying into the westlj. Expect the Unexpected The only thing certain about external reality, is the flow of change, which produces instability, and can tend to evoke anxiety.

To such a one these questions have a deep practical significance. A Certain Madness The pursuit of Enlightenment involves departure from the known, the secure, the predictable, to embark upon a multi-dimensional journey into the unknown, that must, of necessity, include a passage through madness as a janes part of the process.