The Art of War [Baron Antoine-Henri De Jomini] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Antoine-Henri Jomini was the most celebrated writer on the Napoleonic art of war. Jomini was This is a ~15 page “summary” of the book. Jomini and his Summary of the art of war;. Main Author: Jomini, Antoine Henri, baron de, Related Subjects: Military art and science. Physical. The translators of Jomini’s Summary of the Principles of the Art of War have . Jomini’s Art of War offered a simple, practical guidebook for using troops in.

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As a result, Jomini entered a business school in Aarau at the age of Somehow, though, I believe that Jomini’s statements on the morale of an army as a key factor for victory is still extremely relevant. All his writing has these elements present. The war with Austria supervening the same year, did not permit me to give the work all the care desirable, and I was able to execute but a part of my project.

Meanwhile, instead of replying to the reproach, and of giving utterance to a single grievance, he has found it more simple to retaliate by injuries, to which a military man will never reply in books, which should have another object than jominj personalities. One cannot deny to General Clausewitz great learning and a facile pe; but this pen, at times a little vagrant, is above all too pretentious for a didactic discussion, the simplicity and clearness of which ought to be its first merit.

For Jomini, Clausewitz’s death thirty-eight years prior to his own came as a piece of rare good fortune. Some essays have been attempted towards a history of the art, from the ancients down to our time. In censuring my works, General Bismark has availed himself of his rights, not only in virtue of his claim to reprisals, but because every book is made to be judged and controverted.

War in its ensemble is NOT a science, but an art. Jomini was born in Payerne in the canton of VaudSwitzerlandon 6 Marchwhere [1] his father served as mayor. Antoine-Henri, Baron Jomini French: Many of his statements are still correct; for example, that the French army’s use of large offensive infantry columns during the Waterloo battle cost to it the victory, or that there must be a supreme commander of all the artillery coordinating all the units and subunits of an army in order to concentrate fire more effectively.

He died at Passy only a year before the Franco-Prussian War of — It would be necessary to describe the relations or the interests of states like Ancillon, and recount battles like Napoleon or Frederick, to produce a chef-d’oeuvre of this kind. I fell srt then, upon works of military history in order to seek, in the combinations of the great captains, a solution which those systems of the writers did not give me.



The Present Theory of War and Its Utility

The books all gave ssummary fragments of systems, born of imagination of their authors, and containing ordinarily details the most minute not to say the most puerile upon the most accessory points of tactics, the only part of war, perhaps, which it is possible to subject to fixed rules. Within the last twenty years, this half didactic, half critical history has made more progress than the others, or at least it has been cultivated with more success, and has produced incontestable results.

Neither Clausewitz not Jomini were given many responsibilities by the Russians, but they were both in a position to observe key battles. Later, he settled at Passy near Paris. General Rogniat gave matter for controversy in wishing fo bring back the system of the legions, or of the divisions of the republic, and in attacking the somewhat adventurous system of Napoleon. Jomiin Laverne has done so with spirit and sagacity, but incompletely.

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This page was last edited on 29 Octoberat summxry However, his narrative of the Seven Years Simmary, of which he finished but two campaigns, was more instructive for me, at least than all he had written dogmatically.

Thielke and Faesch published in Saxony, the one, fragments upon castramentation, the attack of camps and positions, the other a collection of maxims upon the accessory parts of the operations of war. Major General Henry W. Jomini served in the campaign, serving on Ney’s staff. A little later came Grimoard, Guibert and Lloyd: Inafter trying without success to bring about a political understanding between France and Russia, Jomini was called to St Petersburg pf act as a military adviser to the Tsar during the Crimean War.

Jomini took the view that the amount wra force deployed should be kept to the minimum in order to lower casualties and that war was not an exact science.

Halleck first earned his reputation translating Jomini’s Vie politique et militaire de Napoleonthen as a military strategist and finally as chief of staff of the Union Army.

Catalog Record: Jomini and his Summary of the art of war | Hathi Trust Digital Library

The passions which agitate the masses that are brought into collision, the warlike qualities of these masses, the energy and talent of their commanders, the skmmary, more or less martial, of nations and epochs,[51]—in a word, every thing that can be called the poetry and metaphysics of war,—will jominj a permanent influence on its results.


To the end of causing its object to be better appreciated, I believe it my duty to precede it by a few lines upon the present state of the theory of war. As for the rest, I have never soiled my pen by attacking personally studious men who devote themselves to science, and if I have not shared their dogmas, I have expressed as much with moderation and impartiality: His operational prescription was fundamentally simple: There is nothing perfect under the sun!!!

Once he left Napoleon’s service, he maintained himself and his reputation primarily through prose.

All those who love history will still find The Art of War fascinating. Convinced that I had seized the true point of view under which it was necessary to regard the theory of war in order to discover its veritable rules, and to quit the always so sumjary field of personal systems, I set myself to the work with all the ardor of a neophyte.

I comprehended then that Marshal de Saxe had been quite right in saying that in there were no principles laid down upon the art of war, but that many of his readers had also very badly interpreted his preface in concluding therefrom that he had thought that those principles did not exist.

Clausewitz was seeking what was different. By continuing to visit this site, you agree to the use of cookies for statistical purposes. The intellectual environment in which Jomini operated had elevated science to the level of wag — his approach was exactly what people wanted to hear: In AprilJomini left school and went to work at the banking house of Monsieurs Preiswerk in Basel.

Jomini won that competition easily — his books were published around 20 times, when there were still copies of the first pressings of On War around decades joimni his death. Although several of these authors have combatted my chapter on central lines of operations with more subtlety than real success, and others have been, at times, too precise in their calculations, we could not refuse to their writings the testimonials of esteem which they merit, for they all contain more or less excellent views.