Among them the most prominent is this book of Imam Bukhari, “Juz Rata Yadain”. It is my (i.e: Shaikh Zubair) fortunity that I found the best nuskha of Juz Rafa. Written By: Imam Abu Abdullah Muhammad Bin Ismail Al-Bukhari R.A. Juzz Rafa Ul Yadain (جزرفع الیدین) Language Urdu. Written. Juz al Qiraat Wa Juz al Rafa ul Yadain Urdu pdf Free Book Download Juz al Qiraat Wa Juz al Rafa ul Yadain Authored By Imam Bukhari r.a.

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They say that “if something gets proven from the Prophet peace be upon him which our elders hadith rejectors did not use to do, then it would not be accepted”.

The Narration of Samaak from Ikrimah is always Da’eef. Raza Hassan Hadith 38 II o ‘ ‘ o. Nisai has also narrated it from Qays bin Saleem. It is a Da’eef Hadith. Raza Hassan Hadith 11 ” iUt bukjari 4 Alii ;?

Raful Yadain proofs from Sahih Bukhari – Roman Urdu Islamic Blog

Rain has stopped, and property and catties are dieing, so he peace be upon him raised yadaih his hands, no cloud could be seen in the sky, so he raised his hands until I saw the whiteness of his armpits. I saw Malik bin Huwairith saying Takbir and raising both his hands on starting the prayers and raising his hands on bowing and also on raising his head after bowing. And they wakee’ and sufyan have also narrated many ahadeeth in the proof of rafa yadainand they never stopped anyone from doing rafa yadain.

Imam Ibn Khuzaymah has declared it Sahih.

This narration is also present in Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim with this meaning. In Musnad Abi Ya’la, this narration is narrated with these words, “I saw rasulullah sallallahu alaihi wasallamHe used to start the prayer by doing rafa’ yadain before and after ruku'”, Since this Matn is proven from the other Narrations, therefore, with these words and matn, this hadith of Humaid at-taweel, in the light of Shawahid, is Authentic.


This narration was not found with the linked chain Secondly: Syed Ibraheem Salafi Published By: The prophet peace be upon him mentioned about a man who is traveling, whose hair are all messed up and dusty, He raises his hands towards Allah swt and says: Tanqeed as-Sadeed by Shaikh Badee’ ud-deen shah rashdi sidhi], When infact, they all were Mujtahideen; no one among them was a Muqallid.

One among them was also Abu Qatadah bin Rab’ai. Whenever Ibn ‘Umar started the prayer, he used to raise his hands: I remember when my father Umar became a Muslim, so Kaafir and Mushrik people started saying: About him Hafidh Khtaeeb al-Baghdadi said: Prophet peace be upon him used to raise both his hands up to his shoulders whenever he used to say the takbeer to begin the Salaah, and when he used to bow he would do the same 81 The Most Authentic Nuskha of Maktabah Zaahiriya Translated by: Whomever Allah guides cannot be misguided, and whomever He leads astray cannot be guided.

Published by Let’s Know Ahlul Hadees.

And Zaidah bin Qudamah mentioned and said: Hence; the narrator didn’t exclude any of the companions of the prophet Peace be upon him. It is narrated from many such scholars who are called Shafi’is that: Upon this he prayed: You are commenting using your WordPress. Besides Qays bin Sa’d, the rafa yadain is proven from other Ulama from other narrations. You have performed the Salaah of rasulullah sallallahu alaihi wasallam rightly.

Rasulullah sallallahu alaihi wasallam used to raise his hands in ruku’ The Isnad of this narration, due to the tadlees of Humaid at-Taweel, is Da’eef.

We seek refuge in Allah, Most high, from the evils of our own selves and from our wicked deeds. The Messenger of Allah may peace be upon him came to us and we were raising our hands, so He said: This Hadith is narrated from before the Ikhtalat deterioration of memory of Hammad bin Rwfa.

  A06B 6059 H212 PDF

Juz Rafa ul Yadain by Imam Bukhari – Library of Urdu Books

It also has some chains in Sahih Ibn Hlbban etc Kitab o Sunnat ki roshni mein Namaaz ka yeh mukhtasar sa bayaan hai. Email required Address never made public. Muhadditheen have agreed upon the weakness of this Hadith and Yazeed. This narration has many other authentic Shawahid.

Juzz Rafa Ul Yadain (جزرفع الیدین)

This narration is Hasan Good from its Isnaad Chain. The generality of Quran-o-Sunnah and Athaar-e-Salaf is also in accordance with it. Imam Bukhari has also narrated it in Sahih Bukhari with the bukgari Isnad. Phir Allaah u Akbar keh kar Sarr Mubaarak uthaatey. Raza Hassan mistake happens after the true intention and without intending any opposition to the sunnah, then it is forgiveableand that, example should be established in the following of the messenger of Allah peace be upon himbecause it is also legitimate on the creatures Bani Adam and the Jinns to follow the non-obligatory actions urdy the Messenger of Allah peace be upon himso that this encouragement could be established that whatever the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him stops us from, it should be avoided, and whatever he commands us, it should be followed completelybecause Allah has commanded his creatures to have faith in his Messengerand has made it obligatory on them to follow him, and has made only his obedience to be necessary.