kehilangan perlekatan klinis. Klasifikasi Periodontitis: 1. Chronic Periodontitis 2. Aggressive Periodontitis 3. Periodontitis as a Manifestation of Systemic. Klasifikasi periodontitis berdasarkan manifestasi klinisnya Klasifikasi periodonitas menurut Goldman. Schluger. Difus c.. dan Fox (): 1. Traumatik oklusi c. The simultaneous existence of pulpal problems and inflammatory periodontal disease can complicate diagnosis and treatment planning.

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Moreover, the dentinal fluids move towards the exterior, thereby reducing the diffusion of the harmful products of the bacteria on the exposed dentin.

Gigi goyang bahkan tanggal Napas berbau, rasa tidak enak dalam mulut yang menetap Akar gigi terbuka dan sensitif terhadap panas dan dingin Poket antara gigi dan gingiva telah mencapai kedalaman 6 mm. Gingivitis yang berhubungan dengan diabetes mellitusb. Terjadinya kerusakan tulang yangluas danjaringan pperiodontitis secara cepat7. To receive news and publication updates for International Journal of Dentistry, enter your email address in the box below.

Several authors, through their studies, diverge on the contamination routes. In such cases, it is advisable to treat the periodontal tissues only. Madison and Wilcox [ 13 ] found that exposure of root canals to the oral environment leads to coronal leakage, and in some cases along the entire length of the root canal. At the site of perforation, an inflammatory reaction in periodontal ligament occurs and leads to the formation of a lesion which can progress as a conventional primary endodontic lesion.

Introduction The periodontal-endodontic lesions have been characterized by the involvement of the pulp and periodontal disease in the same tooth.

Diagnosis is complicated peeriodontitis the fact that these diseases are too frequently viewed as independent entities.


E Vertical Root Fractures. Gingiva mudah berdarah saat menyikat gigi Gingiva mengalami inflamasi dan peka jika disentuh, Gingiva bengkak, Gingiva berwarna kemerahan, Kemungkinan napas berbau dan mulut terasa tidak enak.

It could be of two subcategories.

In such cases, it is advisable to treat both tissues [ 23 ]. It is generally advisable to treat both tissues concurrently in order to create the most favorable environment for healing. An endo-perio lesion can have a varied pathogenesis which ranges from simple to relatively complex one.

International Journal of Dentistry

This makes it difficult to diagnose because a single lesion may present signs of both endodontic and periodontal involvement. Replacement resorption or ankylosis occurs following extensive necrosis of the periodontal ligament with formation of bone onto a denuded area of the root surface.

Adanya nekrosis tepi gingiva yang meluas kedaerah gingiva yang melekat3. In some cases, the influence of pulpal pathology may cause the periodontal involvement and vice versa. Published on Nov View 14 Download Periodontal diagnoses and classification of periodontal diseases Documents. The periodontal-endodontic lesions have been characterized by the involvement of the pulp and periodontal disease in the same tooth.

A New Classification of Endodontic-Periodontal Lesions

The integrity of the periodontium will be reestablished if root canal treatment is done properly. Knowledge of these disease processes is essential in coming to the correct diagnosis. View at Google Scholar S. Probiotics for management of klaaifikasi disease: Progression of the periodontal disease and the pocket leads to pulpal involvement via either a lateral canal foramen or the main apical foramen.

A deep narrow olasifikasi defect is noted on just one aspect of the tooth root. Through this knowledge, the dentist will achieve the correct diagnosis and adequate treatment, resulting in greater chances of obtaining success in the treatment of the periodontal-endodontic lesions. Classification of Periodontal Diseases and Conditions Documents.


Treatment of traumatic dental injuries varies depending on the type of injury and it will determine pulpal and periodontal ligament healing prognosis [ 1729 — 33 ]. This is achieved by careful history taking, examination, and performing special tests.

Vertical root fractures are caused by trauma and have been reported to occur in both vital and nonvital teeth. Perforations may be produced by powered rotary instruments during the attempt to gain access to the pulp or during preparation for a post.


Penyakit gingiva yang dimodifikasi oleh obatII. Conflict of Interests The authors declare that there is no conflict of klasifikwsi regarding the publication of this paper.

However, it is critical to recognize the interrelationship for successful management of these lesions. Microbiology of Periodontal Disease Documents. One of the main classification items was primary endodontic disease, which we believe should be modified, since it has no periodontal relationship.

The nature of that pain is often the first clue in determining the etiology of such a problem. Berhubungan dengan keadaan hamila. A for Management of Periodontal Disease: Another form of the interrelationship is because of the iatrogenic perforations due to klasifikazi rotary instruments or improper handling of the endodontic instruments [ 16 ].

Diagnosis and classification of periodontal disease Documents.