Material from a Nazi publication on the victory over France. The source: “Zerstörer kämpfen über London” and “Alarm in Birmingham,” Bomben auf Engeland. Kleine Kriegshefte Nr. 8 (Munich: Zentralverlag der NSDAP. aus der Reihe Kleine Kriegshefte die Nummer 2 *Drauf und dran! Unsere Luftwaffe am Feind* und Nummer 10 *Gegen England in Nordafrika!*, gesamt 2 Stück.

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As I dispatched the Spitfire, my comrades in the rear had done the same to the other one. It is directed by a comprehensive military-economic organization that is unique.

Kleine Kriegshefte Nr.02 – Unsere Luftwaffe am Feind

German armaments production thus has at its disposal sufficient and secure raw materials. Our reliable He jumps a bit. We can see the factory clearly. In the end, it protects the lives of the workers and their families.

This original Kleine Kriegshefte Nr. To that must be added the superior productive capacity of German industry, with its modern technical equipment and its security against foreign attack. When Spitfires and Hurricanes fire all of their guns at once, which are close to each other, the exhaust vents on their wings open. Did the commander want to go still further? But it all turned out all right. The History Channel and even educated people today very often speak of Nazi propaganda in terms that would make one think that the Germans had an exclusive on the idea during World War II.


The other motor died! He prohibited only the former insults against the German leadership. It was not and is not dead material with which we go into battle. The English fighters in the meanwhile had turned to the side and were climbing high again, preparing for new attacks on us. Sark could keep its ancient cannons, dating back to Queen Elizabeth. His blood protects the work place, it protects the dangerous work in the armaments factories of Greater Germany.

The German soldier thanks them now and always for the fact that he can rely on the quality of their work in battle.

Gift! Gift! – Kleine Kriegshefte Nr. 12 – Poison! Poison! () –

That explained much of the failure of the troops and the panicky flight of our opponent. Some necessary changes in previous English law were implemented. In the middle of the Channel, far, far from our coast. They were as stubborn as donkeys, I tell you, attempting the same maneuver again.

No more airplanes will see the light of day in this factory for the foreseeable future! But our altitude kept us safe! He recognized the danger and brought his plane back on course.

Intense defensive fire reaches toward us. The exchange rate between the pound and the mark was established. The French soldier paid with his life. Something had happened to it. The flak provides a wonderful fireworks display, as long as it is being fired without a clear target. But Lieutenant B, wingman to the commander, can tell the story better: The English could give up wasting energy.


They had already been victorious in Dunkirk and Antwerp, and along the River Lys. They were the weapons of a nation that had to import its weapons from other countries. It guarantees that all forces in the Greater German Reich can be mobilized and used for the armaments industry in the most effective way. With unparalleled endurance and devotion, the workers in the cable factories and in the radio industry worked to manufacture high quality equipment.

A good thing we still had a lot of altitude. The earth seems to burst as rockets of sparks or burning fragments fly through the air.

He was one of those Poles who had been misled into believing that German tanks were made of paper ache, German weapons of tin. We can see it from our altitude! A new legal foundation for economic life quickly was implemented. We, of course, had hardly been sleeping, and were in the right firing position. And the secure route to Swedish sources was guaranteed by the occupation of Norway.

A last surprise in this mission that certainly had not been a boring one.

Kleine Kriegshefte Nr.09

I must say I was scared. The draftee stands next to the skilled worker, perhaps coming from an entirely different occupation.

Despite the blackout, we see the outlines of the aircraft factory. The Jewish firm did not always complete its work punctually.