Lucrezia Borgia has ratings and reviews. Yet, as bestselling biographer Sarah Bradford reveals in this breathtaking new portrait, the truth is far more. : Lucrezia Borgia: Life, Love, and Death in Renaissance Italy ( ): Sarah Bradford: Books. Lucrezia Borgia: Life, Love and Death in Renaissance Italy eBook: Sarah Bradford: : Kindle Store.

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Lucrezia Borgia: Life, Love, and Death in Renaissance Italy

My only complain is that it hasn’t been translated into Spanish, and if it has it is very difficult to find. The problem does not lie in Bradford’s treatment or research, which is immaculate, but is part of the larger problem of how to deal with biographical subjects who lived at a time when to be a sentient human being meant something very different from what it does today. Excellent research, easy to read and full of information.

He wanted more for himself than anyone else in the world; and he genuinely believed that he was the right person to unite and rule Italy.

Neither a vicious monster nor a seductive pawn, Lucrezia Borgia was a shrewd, determined woman who used her beauty and intelligence to secure a key role in the political struggles of her day.

Item s unavailable for purchase. Always interesting to read about the Borgia family and its power.

I wouldn’t be able to say if this book depicts the truth about the Borgias, but the story makes for okay reading, mostly. Jul 29, Chris Feldman rated it really liked it.

Lucrezia and her kin were close enough to corruption to become disenchanted, but she appears to have maintained a faith that grew as she got older. Lucrezia Borgia – an infamous murderess or simply the victim of bad press?

Lucrezia Borgia by Sarah Bradford – Penguin Books Australia

Accusations of treachery, rape, incest, and murder: This woman had it all and was both smart and sensitive to those around her who protected her and used her for poltical gains. Open Preview See a Problem? His Life and Times by Sarah Bradford. That being said, the book having been so heavily used to inform many other works, I did not find that much information here that was lucrfzia new to me and found the overwhelming detail- and primary source quotation-heavy text a bit too dry Originally published inSarah Bradford’s comprehensive and well balanced biography of Cesare Borgia remains a frequently used resource for pretty much any book on the Borgias written since, which says all one needs to know about its continued relevance.


Dec 23, Diana rated it it was amazing Shelves: However, I have not let this affect my overall feelings about the book, because the rest of the book is so well done and besides, I like a book that makes me think. The very name Lucrezia Borgia conjures up everything that braddord sinister and corrupt about the Renaissance—incest, political assassination, papal sexual abuse, poisonous intrigue, unscrupulous power grabs.

Bradford felt the need to point out that most history has been mysogynist and sexist and Lucrezia might not have deserved the bleak reputation history has stuck to her. Bradford has clearly never met a list she didn’t like: Nov 11, Aj rated it really liked it.

Many of the other characters are more interesting that she is, particularly her fascinating and totally evil brother Cesare, who deserves a book of his own I’m sure there are several already, but at times it felt like he was saray one Bradford really wanted to be writing about.

Cesare Borgia: His Life and Times

Paperbackpages. It is written beautifully, but even more importantly, it deals with Cesare Borgia in a very even handed manner. Drawing on extensive archival evidence, Bradford Disraeli ; Princess Grace explains how Lucrezia’s first husband, after their marriage was annulled, vengefully tarnished her name with accusations of incest.

My reason then for remaining a Catholic is based on the basic tenets of the Church and not on the people who run them. Just look at how small the door is. Perhaps it is Bradford’s writing style that made it less so. Family trees might have helped, along with a time line of the Popes and their families.

During the brief space of time when he occupied the stage, he shocked and stunned his contemporaries with his lofty ambitions and daring, becoming the most feared, hated, and envied man of his day. I learned quite a bit more about Italian history, which I enjoyed. His second marriage was not without passion. View all 3 comments. Not the best shot, but I had to be quick: The first half of the book is mostly about the Pope Alexander VI and the Borgia boys and men but it does explain a lot about Lucrezias’ early life and background.


No trivia or quizzes yet. How could someone the world feared die in obscurity, with only his devoted sister to truly mourn him? Whether the end result – the conclusion that Lucrezia was quite nice really – is xarah new or startling to justify keeping faith with nearly dense pages of bradvord is unclear. Customers who viewed this item also viewed.

Apr 29, Sandra rated it liked it Shelves: This book seems to not quite know what it is trying to be, it’s not informative While this is clearly a thoroughly well researched book it somehow rbadford leaves me knowing very little about Lucrezia Borgia, maybe this is because so much of the detail of her life is known only through the letters of the other people in her world.

Believe me if I were not focused, or if I did not go back to check the references, I would have been left in the proverbial dark. She was totally flat. How could someone reach such meteoric heights–only to fall in even less time? Bradford brings Lucrezia and her world vividly to life, in the process raising provocative questions about the need to re-evaluate the role of women in general throughout history. Her face is rather long and the nose borgix well cut, hair golden, eyes beadford no special color Oct 04, Madeline rated it it was ok Shelves: January 21, Imprint: