The study also examined the reliability and validity of the Mankoski Pain Scale with the other three scales. A sample of veterans (N = ) with. Tessa: When we are asked to score pain on a scale of 1 to 10, a lot of people, especially women find this difficult. Here at last is something with words not. Andrea Mankoski Pain Scale (). Numbers characterize well-defined and distinguishable consequence of subjective property. 0 – Pain Free. 1 – Very minor .

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Right to copy with attribution freely granted. Mild painkillers are effective. Mild painkillers relieve pain for hours.

Best ever: Mankoski Subjective Pain Scale for Chronic Pain

Mild painkillers reduce pain for hours. Stronger painkillers Codeine, Vicodin reduce pain for hours.

Stronger painkillers are only partially effective. Strongest painkillers relieve pain Oxycontin, Morphine 8 Physical activity severely limited. You can read and converse with effort. Nausea and dizziness set in as factors of pain.


print out of mankoski pain scale

Stronger painkillers are minimally effective. Strongest painkillers reduce pain for hours.

Crying out or moaning uncontrollably – near delirium. Strongest painkillers are only partially effective.

Determining pain scale preference in a veteran population experiencing chronic pain.

Pain makes you pass out. I devised this pain scale to help me describe the subjective experience of pain in more concrete terms to my doctors and family. Please feel free to use it and distribute it with attribution.

Can be ignored if you are kankoski involved in your work, but still distracting. Can’t be ignored for any length of time, but you can still go to work and participate in social activities.

Makes it difficult to concentrate, interferes with sleep You can still function with effort. Strongest painkillers relieve pain Oxycontin, Morphine. Physical activity severely limited.